Fitzgerald, Maurice

Fitzgerald, Maurice,

d. 1176, Anglo-Norman soldier. He was the son of Gerald, steward of Pembroke castle, and Nesta, daughter of the prince of South Wales. Fitzgerald crossed to Ireland in 1169 to join others in aiding Dermot McMurroughDermot McMurrough
or Diarmiud mac Murchada
, 1110–71, Irish king of Leinster. He became involved in a complicated feud, partly because he abducted a neighbor's wife, and in 1166 was defeated and banished by the High King Rory O'Connor.
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, king of Leinster. He served in expeditions against Dublin and Waterford. He acquired vast landholdings in Ireland and increased them by advantageous marriages of his children. From his sons, Gerald and Thomas the Great, descend the two branches of the Fitzgeralds who became earls of Kildare (through Gerald) and earls of Desmond (through Thomas).
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