Fitzherbert, Maria Anne

Fitzherbert, Maria Anne,

1756–1837, wife of George, Prince of Wales (later George IVGeorge IV,
1762–1830, king of Great Britain and Ireland (1820–30), eldest son and successor of George III. In 1785 he married Maria Anne Fitzherbert, a Roman Catholic.
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). He was her third husband. The marriage (1785) was illegal by the terms of the Royal Marriage Act (1772) and the Act of Settlement (1701), since the prince was under age and Mrs. Fitzherbert was a Roman Catholic. It was therefore ignored in 1795 when the prince, for purposes of state, married Caroline of BrunswickCaroline of Brunswick,
1768–1821, consort of George IV of England. The daughter of Charles William Ferdinand, duke of Brunswick, she married George (then prince of Wales) in 1795.
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, but the relationship continued fitfully for many years.


See biography by A. Leslie (1960).

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