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1. a blade that can be attached to the muzzle of a rifle for stabbing in close combat.
2. a type of fastening in which a cylindrical member is inserted into a socket against spring pressure and turned so that pins on its side engage in slots in the socket
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a cold-steel thrusting weapon, affixed to the barrel of a firearm (since the 1800’s, a rifle, carbine, or automatic weapon) for hand-to-hand fighting. The bayonet appeared in the mid-1600’s in France (where it received its name). Originally it was a shortened spear that was driven into the bore of a gun barrel; by the late 1600’s bayonets were made entirely of metal with a sleeve that fitted tightly over the gun barrel, which permitted loading and firing with the bayonet in place. The bayonet was adopted by Russia in the early 1700’s. Various armies have used bayonets with three or four faces as well as blades, both detachable and nondetachable.

After World War II, Soviet troops were equipped with a bayonet-knife having a flat blade with teeth on one side, a hand grip by which the weapon could be attached to a gun, and a sheath; the bayonet-knife could also be used as a saw.

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An edged steel blade with a tapered point and a formed handle with an underhand grip, designed to be attached to the muzzle end of a rifle, shotgun, or the like for use in hand-to-hand combat.
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Soldiers who served in Afghanistan and Iraq were greeted on Saturday by hundreds of people as they marched carrying riffles with fixed bayonets.
'They had fixed bayonets - they wanted to bayonet me.
Brockholes men were told to defend their territory from invasion by the marauding troops from Honley and they erected barricades across New Mill Road, sandbagged the bridge at Smithy Place Lane, fixed bayonets and waited.
He made seven movies - Has Anybody Seen My Gal ('51), Sailor Beware ('51), Fixed Bayonets ('52), Trouble Along The Way ('53) and then came the biggies East Of Eden ('55 winning him an Oscar nomination), Rebel without A Cause ('55) and Giant ('56, another nomination).
'The Germans came at us from nowhere with fixed bayonets. As they rushed towards us they killed the lieutenant in charge,' he said.
Just before dawn the exhausted Dutch, their ammunition almost expended, fixed bayonets and, shouting their battle cry, gained their objective.
Our Army, degraded from its high position of defenders of the country from foreign and domestic foes, has been used as a police; has taken possession of polls and controlled elections; has been sent with fixed bayonets into the halls of State Legislatures in time of peace and under the pretense of threatened outbreak; has been placed under the control of subordinate State officials, and, under the instructions of the Attorney General, has been notified to obey the orders of deputy United States marshals, "general and special," appointed in swarms to do dirty work in a presidential campaign.
"Is what you wrote true?" Shoko asked, horrified, especially about infants tossed in the air and caught with the soldiers' fixed bayonets. It turned out that everything about Japan's cruel occupation of several countries had been obliterated from their textbooks.
SERVING members of the Queen's Gurkha Signals will march, with fixed bayonets, through Nuneaton town centre, in a "Freedom of Entry" ceremony.
It was all marvellous entertainment for Cardiff kids watching elderly neighbours gasping among the hedgerows as they practised, with fixed bayonets, for the battle to come.