Fixed Joint

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Fixed Joint


a joint with a mechanical connection in machines and structures; it ensures a constant relative position of parts during operation. Fixed joints facilitate the manufacture, repair, and shipment of parts; they may be demountable or nondemountable.

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fixed joint

In a structural framework, a joint that restrains a member from turning.
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The robot reaches a speed of 0.44 BL/s during cruising with the flexible joint of its caudal fin which is 25% more than its speed with the fixed joint.
Because we assume that the contact surfaces compose a fixed joint, there is a couple acting on [S.sub.1] in addition to [F.sup.1.sub.c], namely [M.sup.1.sub.c], which could be written using the equation of moment of the system about the manipulator's base
Children with cerebral palsy .under six who have abnormal tone interfering with function and have not developed fixed joint contractures, respond best to this treatment.