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The same penalty shall be imposed on any person who purposely destroys or damages any of the fixed signs in airports or public ports, or changes their place or makes them invalid or useless.
He also said he'd like the county to change its policy so that fixed signs alert motorists after the striping is done.
They occur when the Sun is at the midpoint of the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius - - or spring, summer, autumn and winter.
Well, the Fed has fixed signs of improvement in the economic situation in the country, based on macroeconomic data, which record the reduction of risks to the economy compared with last year.
O'Brien's approach may best be stated by how he describes film scores--as "a somewhat leaky system of meaningful signs"--meaning that they are not exact, not fixed signs, as dialogue and images are.
His Sun and Moon are in fixed signs, making Prince Charles strong, patient and resolute, while occasionally a little withdrawn.
For the fixed signs, CG A employed a catalog system for which the Geisinger sign shop, or a fabricator, can produce inserts.
Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius are fixed signs. With this planetary emphasis it's not easy to get things moving.
For the most part, fixed signs show great patience and are reliable when it comes to long-term projects however, they do not adapt well to change.
Traditional fixed signs and bulletin boards are not designed to display information in real time.
In the first issue of LTTR (the gender-queer feminist art journal Roysdon cofounded with Ginger Brooks Takahashi and K8 Hardy in 2001), the artist wrote of "the possibility of performing and articulating the movement between static choices of identity." Indeed, this show considered how the body might exceed preconceived categories and outstrip attempts to read it through fixed signs or languages.