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tilting wing with side fixed field, - 1x window element 1.
Encode the fixed fields for videorecordings, and explain at least three differences between the fixed field coding for videorecordings and books.
Figure 36 shows temperature-sweep data taken with fixed field and angle.
1] is the fixed field of <[sigma]>, and R(i) that of <[tau]>).
Fixed field length means that dbase reserves the full predetermined field length within each field, regardless of the number of characters actually entered.
Most of the bibliographic, check-in, binding, and routing data are stored in fixed fields in several files.
We continue to be encouraged by our progress in reducing the SG&A expenses associated with PIA and our success in converting its fixed field cost business model to SPAR's variable field cost structure," said Bob Brown, SPAR Group's chairman and chief executive officer.
For example for the planetary lander application the desired high number of image elements thatthe system has to scan on a fixed field of view to image the target full frame has a strong time constraint due to the dynamics of the landing.
Two such fields are currently defined for bibliographic records: 007, the Physical Description Fixed Field, and 008, the Fixed-Length Data Elements field.
1 include new data elements (tags, indicators, subfield codes, and fixed field elements) that were incorporated into the format to accommodate nonserial holdings statements as a result of the approval of the National Information Standards Organization's Holdings Statements for Non-Serial Items (Z39.
Save Format gives you the opportunity to save your data in either Comma Delimited or Fixed Field formats.
And while early databases and online library catalogs consisted primarily of fixed fields and controlled vocabularies, info pros soon demanded the ability to search the full text of referenced content as well as accompanying charts, graphs, and footnotes.