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Hence it was decided to know the individual steps involved in the fixed prosthodontics preclinical training different from clinical settings, in which such procedures will be performed.
New Zealand dentists' use of gingival retraction techniques for fixed prosthodontics and implants.
Johnston's modern practice in fixed prosthodontics.
A 20 years old male patient reported to Fixed Prosthodontics Department, Faculty of Dentistry, Umm Al-Qura University, Saudi Arabia with a chief complaint of endodontic treated fractured left lower second molar (Fig 1).
Quality of Final Impressions and Prescriptions for Fixed Prosthodontics.
Fixed Prosthodontics treatment present excellent satisfaction regarding both patient as well as dentist.
Provisional restorations in fixed prosthodontics sub- stantiate this concept.
Post cementation sensitivity is one of the most signifi- cant complications in fixed Prosthodontics, especially when the prosthesis is cemented on teeth with vital pulps.
Effect of a Procedural Video CD and Study Guide on the Practical Fixed Prosthodontic Performance of Iranian Dental Students.
9 A similar study carried out on dentists in New Zealand reported that 85% of the respondents used gingival retraction methods, usually for recording impressions for fixed prosthodontic procedures, with 82% dentists preferring the use of surgical methods of retraction.