Flag Officer

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Flag Officer


(1) The commander of a fleet or large naval unit, entitled to display an ensign indicating his command rank. In joint naval operations there may be senior flag officers—commanders of larger units—and junior flag officers—commanders of subordinate units.

(2) Any one of four military ranks held by members of the higher command staff of the Soviet Navy between 1935 and 1940; the ranks included flag officer of the fleet first and second class and flag officer first and second class. In 1940 the title was abolished, and the admiral ranks were introduced.

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Luthra, who took over as WNC chief, was previously Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief of Southern Naval Command.
The enlisted aide will meet with the general or flag officer monthly to discuss how much money will be needed to cover household expenses, such as having the officer's uniforms cleaned and buying groceries at the commissary.
Enlisted Aides relieve flag officers of tasks and details that, if performed by the officer, would be at the expense of their primary military and official duties.
DOD's March 2003 report to Congress did not fully disclose the results of the general and flag officer study or explain its recommendation not to seek additional authorizations (people) to meet validated requirements (positions).
In June 1927, Reeves became a flag officer and by 1933 he was wearing four stars.
This mission involves flying a 14-member Navy crew and an eight-person joint-service battle staff, including one flag officer (critical element number 1).
Summary: Belagavi (Karnataka) [India], Aug 11 (ANI): The water in flood-hit districts of Belagavi and Uttar Kannada has started receding and the situation will soon be back to normal, said Rear Admiral Mahesh Singh, Flag Officer Commanding Karnataka Naval Area, on Sunday.
The late retired four-star flag officer of the Nigerian Air Force was the 18th Chief of Air Staff from Oct.
Xi was welcomed by Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada and flag officer Admiral Robert Empedrad at the monument grounds before proceeding with the ceremony.
KARACHI -- Flag Officer, Sea Training, Pakistan Navy (PN), Rear Admiral Zaka-ur-Rehman has assumed the command of Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) as its Director General.
On the first day, the Captain 1st Rank Maksim S Allikin, the head of the delegation and Captain 3rd Rank Alexey Nekhodtsev, Commanding Officer of the Igor Belousov met Rear Admiral SV Bhokare, Flag Officer Commanding Eastern Fleet and Rear Admiral Sanjay Mahindru, Flag Officer Submarines.

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