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1. a ship, esp in a fleet, aboard which the commander of the fleet is quartered
2. the most important ship belonging to a shipping company
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a ship carrying the commander of a large unit, together with his staff and the flagship command post outfitted with appropriate equipment. At the flagship command post, the command staff is assisted by liaison officers, who coordinate the actions of units of the fleet or flotilla, ground forces, and aviation. The flagship flies the ensign of the unit commander, and at night it displays the flagship light.

The largest vessels of steamship fleets, expeditions, or commercial fishing fleets are also often called flagships.

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The Freedom, until the day before the Norwegian Flag ship Takamine, became approximately the 50th ship of the American Flag fleet Oct.
* Pakistani flag ship owners shall be allowed to open and operate foreign bank accounts in Pakistani or foreign banks in accordance with section 4 of the Protection of Economic Reforms Act of 1992.
It is to be mentioned that Lahore High Court (LHC) while accepting Nawaz Sharif plea had transferred Al-Azizia steel Mills and Flag ship references from the court of Judge Mohammad Bashir to the court of Judge Mohammad Arshad on 7th August.
The Fulham chief temporarily joined forces with the glamorous star of Chris Evans' TFI Friday at the Oxford Street launch of sports retailer Sports Division's flag ship megastore.
According to the petition, the ministry of maritime affairs secretary or the shipping master had no jurisdiction over the foreign flag ships while they were not in Pakistani ports and the laws of the 'Flag' state applies to such foreign vessels.
shipping before the First World War to the use of foreign, especially British, flag ships. After the war literally hundreds of companies entered foreign trade with the support of Shipping Board subsidies and other forms of government assistance.
If it logically follows that availability of chartered foreign flag shipping is a consideration in planning for future contingencies, the question becomes -- Can the United States reasonably expect to charter needed foreign flag ships in different types of conflicts, in the context of timeliness, numbers and vessel type?