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1. a ship, esp in a fleet, aboard which the commander of the fleet is quartered
2. the most important ship belonging to a shipping company



a ship carrying the commander of a large unit, together with his staff and the flagship command post outfitted with appropriate equipment. At the flagship command post, the command staff is assisted by liaison officers, who coordinate the actions of units of the fleet or flotilla, ground forces, and aviation. The flagship flies the ensign of the unit commander, and at night it displays the flagship light.

The largest vessels of steamship fleets, expeditions, or commercial fishing fleets are also often called flagships.

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Therefore, consumers can still expect Samsung's upcoming flagships to debut with fingerprint readers.
Dr Anita Hill will be Executive Director Manufacturing, Productivity and Services, responsible for the Digital Productivity and Services and Future Manufacturing Flagships, as well as the Services line of business.
As the chain's network of flagships continues to expand into new markets, executives say the stores have helped boost morale within the company.
Zain's main flagships (Zain World) offer subscribers solutions for voice and data exchange services as part of the company's efforts to raise the quality of service to its subscribers.
As the two flagships collided, the charge was led--however improbably--by a woman, Maria "La Bailadora" (The Dancer), disguised as a man and "burning to avenge the contempt for womanhood" displayed by the Turks, observes Carroll.
Both companies showcased their 2017 flagships at MWC last year.
The European Commission in January 2013 nominated Graphene Flagship as one of Europe s first technology flagships .
Wagner said the flagships serve as de facto proving grounds for new retail concepts, helping Walgreens understand what works and what doesn't.