flame resistant

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flame resistance

The ability to withstand flame impingement or to provide protection from it.
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Aramark supplies flame resistant clothing to electrical contracting, petroleum refining, electric utilities, chemical manufacturing, aluminium manufacturing and steel foundry workers.
In the past, employees often complained about flame resistant fabrics being too warm.
Flame resistant fabrics are explored, including how to properly handle them.
The FR chemicals are also used to help make computers, televisions, and other products flame resistant.
Manufactured from a polyvinyl chloride compound, AM-Liner II is resistant to all normal sewer effluents due to the chemical and flame resistant properties.
Others include plenum-cable insulation wrap for high-rise buildings, coatings on flame-protective clothing for rescue teams, protective sheathing for homes and other structures threatened by wild fires, and coatings on gaskets or other applications where a material is already flame resistant but cannot withstand chemical exposure.
Flame Resistant Costumes: When purchasing a costume, masks, beards, and wigs, look for the label "Flame Resistant.
When Tom started work, his employer provided a new uniform guaranteed by the supplier to be flame resistant.
Right now, no commercially available materials, except for metals, are sufficiently flame resistant, says Richard E.
Bedspreads of our new fabric are easy to maintain, flame resistant and safe for both hospitality and health care," says Baron, adding that the fabric is available in a variety of designs and colorways, including mix-and-match mini prints.
Rock Face uses state-of-the-art textile technologies to design and manufacture Flame Resistant, Cold Weather and Performance garments.