Flanagan, Richard

Flanagan, Richard,

1961–, Australian novelist, b. Longford, Tasmania, studied Univ. of Tasmania (grad. 1982), Oxford (Rhodes scholar). Flanagan, whose novels explore the past and present of his native land, wrote four volumes of history before turning to fiction. His acclaimed first novel, Death of a River Guide (1994), tells of an Australian guide who, as he drowns, recounts his life and the lives of his family and forebears. Among his subsequent novels, The Sound of One Hand Clapping (1997, film 1998) is about Slovenian immigrants to Tasmania, Gould's Book of Fish (2001) recounts an early 19th-century Australian convict artist's love affair with a black woman, The Unknown Terrorist (2007) examines post–9/11 Australia, and Wanting (2008) juxtaposes events in the life of Charles Dickens with the unhappy story of an aboriginal girl. The Narrow Road to the Deep North (2013), which interweaves an adulterous affair with a tale of the brutal experience of prisoners of war forced to build the Burma Railway, won the Man Booker Prize. Flanagan has also written essays and screenplays.
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While the board said they would seek clarification from Fire Chief Joseph Flanagan, Richard asked the board to request Flanagan attend the next meeting to discuss the issue.
Lloyd Kerry headed a second Hinckley goal on 53 minutes, and although Bay's nine men battled bravely, the two man advantage finally told with Hinckley adding three goals in the last 16 minutes through Callum Flanagan, Richard Lavery and Andre Gray.
Entrepreneurs Rachael Flanagan, Richard Glover-Davies and Rob Dance have been named as finalists in the Young Achiever category which is sponsored by Hopkins Law.
The Glee Club, The Arcadian: Glenn Wool, Andrew Lawrence, Kitty Flanagan and Mick Gerry (Oct 3-4); It's David O'Doherty Time (Oct 3); Mark Steel (Oct 8); Richard Herring: The Headmaster's Son (Oct 9); Sean Percival, Micky Flanagan, Richard Morton (Oct 9-11)
And no doubt they will, not least if the efforts of talented youngsters like Flanagan, Richard Fussell and Rhys Shellard are anything to go by.
Despite finding himself at odds with the head of school, Anthony Caro, he became part of an influential generation of St Martin's graduates including Barry Flanagan, Richard Long, Richard Deacon and Gilbert & George, none of whom, he points out, could be regarded as Caro disciples.
Ponty are without Wayne Evans (Blues), David Flanagan, Richard Langmead, Jason Pocock, Stuart Williams and Dale McIntosh.