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Human emotion can be expressed through facial expressions, body actions, and words, and the emotion of Flash animation is expressed through color, texture, sound effect, scene changes, and so on.
Included in the selection are videos, flash animations, sculptures, paintings, photographs and even painted bones by artists Rasim Aksan, Alper Aydyn, Anna Bjerger, Jeremy Blake, Kadar Brock, Nicolas Deshayes, ydil ylkin, Elif Kahveci, Oy-uz KarakE-tE-k, Thomas van Linge, Arslan SE-kan, Ali Emir Tapan and Isabel Yellin.
This website features Flash animation of "The Elements," a song by Tom Lehrer that was written in 1959.
* Web sites that are heavy on Flash animation are at a disadvantage because "spiders," the sophisticated programs sent out by Google and other search engines that "crawl" your Web site, read your code, and then rank your site among other similar sites, to my knowledge, cannot read Flash.
According to Del Monte officials, the redesigned site,, better serves the company's customers and features streamlined navigation, a more contemporary look and flash animation. A sustainability section highlights Del Monte's achievements in environmental protection and social responsibility.
Animax is using Flash animation to present about 35 celebrity-skewering sketches per show.
Also, avoid using complex flash animation or other applications that might not work properly and frustrate a potential reporter's efforts.
Most of Cutler's clients have asked him to built Web sites for them, and he specializes in flash animation.
Flash animation, video and images cannot be read or indexed by search engines as there is no text to pick up.
PageSuite software enables Express to "embed video, audio and flash animation to enrich reader experiences.
The contrast is enforced by a difference in production: The unconscious figures and the mush robos are rendered in Flash animation, which produces flat fields of undifferentiated color; the machines, however, were created using a three-dimensional animation program, a more advanced tool allowing for a greater sense of depth through more precise line work and detailed color gradation.
Using proprietary software called Head-hunter, the show's 2-D Flash animation enables producers to superimpose digital images of its viewing audience onto animated bodies.