Flash video

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Flash video

A once very popular video format on the Web from Adobe. Using the .FLV file extension, Flash videos are played with Adobe's latest Flash media player as well as other FLV players. A large amount of video content on the Web used to be available in this format, including YouTube, Google Video and Flickr. Most Flash video is downloaded using the progressive method (see progressive download).

From FLV to HTML5
Watching a Flash video from a website requires a Flash plug-in for the browser, which was routinely updated by Adobe and an inconvenience for the user. When HTML5 was introduced, which natively supports video, it quickly superseded the Flash format. FLV-to-HTML5 video converters are also available. Adobe support for Flash Player ended on December 31, 2021. See HTML5 and Flash Player.

Within a Flash Animation
A video can also be embedded within the Flash animation format that is authored in a timeline and published as an .SWF file for playback. However, the timeline supports a maximum number of frames, which limits the length of videos to only a few minutes. See Flash.

Updating the Flash Player
Periodically, the Flash player is updated by Adobe, and the user has to comply in order to stay current.
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The 82-megabyte video is available in the Flash Video (FLV) format.
This compromise is important to understand since whatever you submit to YouTube will be compressed again with a Flash Video codec.
Akamai's Flash video format is unique in its ability to minimize latency and offer almost real-time coverage of popular sporting events.
Videos are re-encoded into flash video and then served from the FLVio infrastructure.
Throughout the year, NFRA provides resources to its members including point of sale materials, press releases and radio spots, streaming flash video, and promotional planners filled with fun ideas to warm up the frozen food aisles.
There are four formats that come to mind when streaming is involved: Microsoft's Windows Media Video (WMV), Real Media Video (RM, RAM), Apple's Quicktime (MOV), Adobe's Flash Video (FLV).
Additional features include true full screen, an interactive dashboard image comparison, slideshows, Flash video playback, plus wireless and solar support software.
Our photo editor assembled a Flash video and everything came together.
Also new, Visual Communicator 3 creates professional video presentations to be streamed Live over the internet in the FLV (flash video) format.
This fifth edition also covers Flash's new Photoshop and Illustrator import features, and includes a new lesson on Flash video.
The ubiquitous Flash video player will soon support the same technology behind next-generation, high-definition DVDs - but don't expect online clips to look great on giant television screens for some time.