Flavius Honorius

Honorius, Flavius


Born A.D. 384 in Constantinople; died 423 in Ravenna. Emperor of the Western Roman Empire from 395.

Flavius Honorius was the son of Theodosius I. In fact, the empire was ruled from the beginning of Honorius’ reign until 408 by the general Stilicho and later by the courtiers Olym-pius, Jovinus, and Constantine. In 410, during the reign of Flavius Honorius, Rome was occupied by the Visigoths under Alaric I, and major uprisings took place between 407 and 410 in the provinces of Gaul, Thrace, and Africa and in Italy.

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An epigram (Deprecatio ad Hadrianum) on his superior, the Greek Hadrianus, put him in jeopardy of losing his civil post; but, by assiduously praising Stilicho, minister of the Western emperor Flavius Honorius, and denouncing his rivals at the court of Flavius Arcadius, he gained high rank.