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(US), flavor
Physics a property of quarks that enables them to be differentiated into six types: up, down, strange, charm, bottom (or beauty), and top (or truth)


Any of the six different varieties of quarks. All hadronic matter is composed of quarks, the most elementary constituents of matter. The six different flavors are labeled u, d, s, c, b, and t, corresponding to up, down, strange, charmed, bottom, and top. Quarks are all spin-1/2 fermions. The u, c, and t flavors carry a positive electric charge equal in magnitude to two-thirds that of the electron; the d, s, and b flavors have a negative charge one-third that of the electron. Different flavored quarks have vastly different masses ranging from the lightest, the u quark, with a mass around 5 MeV/c2 (where c is the speed of light), equal to the mass of about 10 electrons, to the top quark, with a mass 35,000 times greater, or 175 GeV/c2, about the mass of a gold atom. Quarks of any flavor are further characterized by three additional quantum numbers called color: red, green, and blue. Each quark has an antiquark counterpart carrying the corresponding anticolor. See Antimatter, Color (quantum mechanics), Elementary particle, Quarks


(food engineering)
The set of characteristics of a food that causes a simultaneous reaction or sensation of taste on the tongue and odor in the olfactory center in the nose.
(particle physics)
A label used to distinguish different types of leptons (the electron, electron neutrino, muon, muon neutrino, and possibly others) and different color triplets of quarks (the up, down, strange, and charmed quarks, and possibly others).


US spelling of "flavour".
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Set to offer a more premium option within the bake in bag sector to help drive value growth, each product includes a packet of flavouring mix and a foil bag complete with a steam vent window.
The second regulation concerns transitional measures for other flavourings, such as those from non-food sources, and will apply from 22 October 2012.
The package screams "new fruitier taste" but its mainly sugar, gelatine and citric acid and flavouring but no raspberries.
Suzanne Heffernan, retail marketing manager for AarhusKarlshamn, which offers an extensive range of infused oils under its Chalice banner, says the company's garlic, basil, chilli and lemon variant offer a fresher flavour because they are created using a "unique process combining premium quality olive oil with 100% fresh ingredients" as opposed to synthetic flavourings.
The potato flavourings are spray-dried using a proprietary blend of carriers to partially encapsulate them.
Guernsey Bel, which operates out of plants in Chicago, Illinois, and Hayward in California, makes flavourings for breakfast cereals and sweets.
They are then cooked at high temperatures to produce a syrup, which is poured into a giant mixing machine with the sweeteners, softeners, flavouring and colouring.
STRAWBERRY version has 30 ingredients, including 15 additives: carrageenan, dipotassium phosphate, potassium chloride, adipic acid, cream of tartar, carboxymethylcellulose, flavourings, sodium saccharin, annatto, betanin, propylene glycol monostearate, soya lecithin, beta carotene, ammonium bicarbonate, cochineal.
With is distinguished editors and expert team of international contributors, Natural food additives, ingredients and flavourings is an invaluable reference tool for all those involved in the development and production of foods with fewer synthetic additives and ingredients.
Prof Vittorio Silano was re-elected Chair of the Panel on Food Contact Materials, Enzymes, Flavourings and Processing Aids (CEF), with Prof Dr Karl-Heinz Engel and Dr Detlef Wlfle as Vice-Chairs.
Indeed, on 24 April, the Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health approved two proposals for regulations by the European Commission on the establishment of an EU list of permitted flavouring substances and on a transitional measure on other flavourings.