Fleet Street

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Fleet Street,

street in the City of London, England. It was formerly the center of English journalism.

Fleet Street

a street in central London in which many newspaper offices were formerly situated
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And he was still jogging along Fleet Street in this condition of mind, when he became aware that he was closely tracked and observed by a man of genteel appearance.
Fleet Street was choked with red-headed folk, and Pope's Court looked like a coster's orange barrow.
Temple Bar gets so hot that it is, to the adjacent Strand and Fleet Street, what a heater is in an urn, and keeps them simmering all night.
Accordingly, though with much misgiving, I did his ticklish behest in Fleet Street, where, despite my past, I was already making a certain lowly footing for myself.
From my window I can see the people lying thick in Fleet Street.
If you had put forward a thundering revolutionary manifesto, not a daily paper would have dared allude to it: there is no cowardice like Fleet Street cowardice
Thousands descended on Liverpool's bars for a spooky celebration but few places, if anywhere, could have been busier than Fleet Street.
As a result we now look forward to working closely with Town & Country on their own expansion programme and development of the Fleet Street Kitchen brand in the West Midlands and further afield.
The Apres bars were sold off by Town & Country Inns, which also owns Fleet Street Kitchen and Apres bar and Mechu in Birmingham.
Montgomery Ave/Courthouse Square Wootton Parkway at Greenplace Terrace Wootton Parkway at Rockshire Entrance Wootton Parkway at Scott Drive Tower Oaks Blvd at Commercial Drive Fleet Street at Monroe Street Maryland Ave at Fleet Street S.
ILOVED the light, airy interior of Fleet Street Kitchen, the latest addition to Mechu and Apres on Summerrow.
Radio 2 executive producer Gary Bones, who worked on his breakfast show in the early 1990s, said: "Derek was not only a unique broadcaster and Fleet Street legend but also a really nice, kind and generous man who knew exactly how to tap into the mood of the nation.

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