Fletcher, John Gould

Fletcher, John Gould,

1886–1950, American poet, b. Little Rock, Ark., educated (1903–7) at Harvard. After traveling throughout Europe, he became a leader of the imagistsimagists,
group of English and American poets writing from 1909 to about 1917, who were united by their revolt against the exuberant imagery and diffuse sentimentality of 19th-century poetry.
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 in England. His early collections of poetry are Irradiations: Sand and Spray (1915) and Goblins and Pagodas (1916). In later works Fletcher turned from free verse to more traditional forms. These include The Black Rock (1928), Selected Poems (1938; Pulitzer Prize), and The Burning Mountain (1946). Many of his poems reflect his youth in the Southwest.


See his autobiography, Life Is My Song (1937).

Fletcher, John Gould

(1886–1950) poet, writer; born in Little Rock, Ark. He studied at Harvard (1903–07), lived in England (1908–14; 1916–33), and settled in Arkansas (1933). He was associated with the Imagist poets and Southern Agrarian writers.