Fletcher Christian

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Fletcher H Christian
BirthplaceMoreland Close, Brigham, Cumberland, England, Great Britain
Master's Mate

Christian, Fletcher

(fl. late 18th century) leader of mutinous sailors against Captain Bligh (1789). [Am. Lit.: Mutiny on the Bounty]
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The luxurious and green flora almost smothers Tom and Betty Christian's house, which is built at the very spot of that of their famous ancestor, Fletcher Christian. It is a simple but spacious house, capable of welcoming their four daughters who left to study in Australia and the United Kingdom.
The most historically interesting comment is the list of mutineers, headed by Fletcher Christian, with each mutineer's physical appearance described in detail.
One girl, however, unearths the truth that Mary is the daughter of Fletcher Christian and uses that knowledge to blackmail her.
Second place ($30,000) went to Lauren Millar of Omni Film Productions, for Finding Fletcher Christian. The third place winner was Dugald Maudsley from Infield Fly Productions for his pitch, Hearts of Darkness--Pol Pot & The Man Who Found Him.
THE most famous is the Mutiny on the Bounty of 1787, when sailors led by Fletcher Christian played by Marlon Brando, left, in the Hollywood version captured the ship.
So to make room for the new wines, I staged a Fletcher Christian mutiny on the Bounty.
Narrated by Roger Byam, a former midshipman and linguist aboard the vessel, the novel describes how Fletcher Christian and 15 others revolted against the petty, tyrannical Bligh, setting him and a number of loyal men adrift in a small craft in the South Seas.
Mutiny on the Bounty is the tale of the British Royal Navy sailing ship and the conflict between Captain William Bligh and his executive officer, Fletcher Christian, during their lengthy voyage from Britain to the South Seas in pursuit of breadfruit plants.
The story tells how the mate of the ship, Fletcher Christian, and a number of the crew rebel and set Captain Bligh adrift in an open boat with the loyal members of the crew.
When the Captain made it back to England, the ship Pandora was launched to track down Fletcher Christian and his mutineers.
HMS Bounty was the location of a famous mutiny when the crew - led by Acting Lieutenant Fletcher Christian - cast Captain William Bligh and 18 crew members overboard in an open boat.