Flexible Shaft

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flexible shaft

[‚flek·sə·bəl ′shaft]
(mechanical engineering)
A shaft that transmits rotary motion at any angle up to about 90°.
A shaft made of flexible material or of segments.
A shaft whose bearings are designed to accommodate a small amount of misalignment.
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Flexible Shaft


a shaft having high torsional rigidity but low flexural rigidity; it is designed to transmit rotary motion and torque. A flexible wire shaft, easily bent in any direction, consists of a core and several layers of wire, each containing several wires, which are wound in alternating directions. It has fittings (sockets) on the ends and is covered with a jacket (a flexible hose or armor) to protect it from damage and to retain lubrication. Such shafts are classified for right-hand and left-hand rotation, because the outer layer of wire should be laid so that it is tightened as the shaft rotates. Flexible wire shafts are standardized and are widely used for power transmissions (for example, in driving a manual tool from a stationary motor) and for remote control and monitoring (for example, in driving a speedometer in an automobile). Articulated flexible shafts, which consist of a number of short links with swivel connections enclosed in a jacket, are seldom used.

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The water-resistant chip-on-tip inspection camera measures only 1.6mm in diameter, and features an integrated LED light for illumination within the 1.9m flexible shaft. The 1 x 1mm CMOS sensor provides 400 x 400 pixel resolution with a 120-degree field-of-view (FOV) lens.
The scope features a four-way articulating tip composed of a light source and camera lens at the end of a 120 cm flexible shaft. Designed to inspect instruments 2.5 mm in diameter or larger, the scope is the perfect tool to get a visualization of the internal channels of devices.
Located in Cedar Grove, New Jersey, Servometer designs and manufactures a high quality line of miniature bellows, flexible shaft couplings, contact springs and bellows assemblies.
The SmartScope uses a similar flexible shaft but is WiFi powered and transmits the image to an Android or iOS device running the free iBorescope application.
The fully sealed flexible shaft requires no servicing and gives machine designers an economical and reliable solution capable of a long service life without replacement.
It consists of a hub at the end of a flexible shaft that holds four flexible flap-like grinding panels to the sides.
The combination of a large diameter shaft with wide spacing between the bearings, and a flexible shaft coupling, prevents vibration even at high speeds under heavy imbalanced loads, according to the manufacturer.
* Helical Products joined forces with TraceParts back in 2009, creating 3D CAD Models of the standard flexible shaft couplings.
A gearbox transmits the appropriate movement to the side guides through a flexible shaft that follows the conveyor layout: the guides are positioned by translation thanks to a worm gear.
If the bare-shaft group is to the left, try a more flexible shaft, increase point weight or increase your bow poundage.
Wide spacing between bearings, a large diameter shaft, and a flexible shaft coupling combine to prevent vibration, even at high speeds under heavy, imbalanced loads.

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