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During Harvey's epic rain, as the water in the reservoirs got to a critical level, the Corps opened the dams from Addicks and Barker into Buffalo Bayou, flooding thousands of homes downstream of the reservoirs, many of which sat outside of designated floodplains.
This will allow environmental water to be delivered efficiently into floodplains, replicating big floods without flooding towns and requiring high flows in the Murray River.
While chairing the 54th Annual Meeting of Federal Flood Commission, Federal Minister for Water Resources Faisal Vawda urged the provinces and Federal line agencies for prompt approval of their respective floodplain management Acts and their strict enforcement to prevent the encroachment in the waterways on permanent basis.
Leandro Castello, assistant professor of fisheries at Virginia Tech, says: 'Floodplain forests are the principal sources of food [for fish] via provision of detritus, tree leaves, fruits and insects.' Indeed, for the economically important tambaqui fish (pictured above), which can fetch top prices in fish markets, fruits and seeds constitute the major food source during high waters when the species can enter new territories to feed and spawn.
An understanding of the roles presently played by local habitat conditions in the current distribution of freshwater mussels may support the identification of feasible approaches for restoring degraded freshwater mussel habitats in floodplains. In this study, how freshwater mussels use channels with artificial water level management was examined that are well connected with paddy areas with the aim of developing a future-expected model of the area.
A recent report from the European Environment Agency claims that more than 80 percent of Europe's floodplains have been barricaded by flood defenses, drained and built on; it predicts a five-fold increase in flood damage by 2050.
Preserving the integrity of floodplains is necessary for our own survival.
It asked the Ministry of Environment and Forests ( MoEF) why no environmental clearance is required for erecting structures in Yamuna floodplains? At the same time, Justice Kumar asked AOL, " As a conscientious organisation, tell us, did you conduct any environment assessment impact study on the river site before building there?
The full extent of potential building on Welsh floodplains is however likely to be much wider.
Members of the NFIP have to adopt and follow FEMA regulations and floodplain mapping.
(1989) stated that in Romanian language the meadow term is broader than the floodplain because it includes the non-flooded areas.
He said while in his statement that it is imperative to reduce deforestation in watersheds and encroachments on floodplains for agriculture, human settlements and other purposes.