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It does not involve any movements; the floppy disks or the CDs and DVDs involve movements which require a drive to make it go in circles.
In floppy disks the disk actually spun in its case within the reader - much like a CD - making damaged disks (and lost files) common.
PC World commercial director Bryan Magrath said the "relentless" pace of technological change had left floppy disks unable to compete.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-1 February 2007-PC World to end floppy disk storage sales(C)1994-2007 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Because it is larger, it holds much more information than a floppy disk.
It can store a great deal more information than a floppy disk.
A floppy disk consists of a memory disk and a pair of disk shells provided with a liner inside for protecting the memory disk.
Floppy disks, which also use magnetism to store data, suffer the same limitation.
based image and data storage giant, says Verbatim has the manufacturing capacity to meet its branded and private label commitments for floppy disks.
TDK MF-2HD and MF-2DD floppy disks use Super Electron Beam curing to achieve their high durability rating.
Some backup systems make copies of the files to floppy disks, while others utilize tape cartridges.
CDR Roundup - The distribution channels for floppy disks and other personal computer products intended for home office use are changing dramatically, according to home office and computer industry analysts.