Flor, Roger de

Flor, Roger de,

d. c.1306, German commander of Spanish mercenaries, b. Italy. He entered the order of the Knights TemplarsKnights Templars
, in medieval history, members of the military and religious order of the Poor Knights of Christ, called the Knights of the Temple of Solomon from their house in Jerusalem.
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 and fought (1291) at Acre (see AkkoAkko
or Acre
, Fr. Saint-Jean d'Acre, Arab. Acca, city (1994 pop. 45,300), NW Israel, a port on the Bay of Haifa (an arm of the Mediterranean Sea). Its manufactures include iron and steel, chemicals, and textiles. The city was captured (A.D.
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, but he was obliged to leave the order when accused of theft. He subsequently served as vice admiral under Frederick II of Sicily and after 1302 became the leader of a band of Spanish adventurers who entered the service of the Byzantine emperor Andronicus IIAndronicus II
(Andronicus Palaeologus) , 1258–1332, Byzantine emperor (1282–1328), son and successor of Michael VIII. He devoted himself chiefly to church affairs, renewing the schism by renouncing (1282) the union established at the Second Council of Lyons.
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 against the Turks. This Catalan company won several victories, but its oppression of the native population led to Roger's assassination by imperial order. His followers ravaged the countryside in revenge. They later migrated into Greece and established (1311) the duchy of Athens.
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