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(flü`gəlhôrn'), three-valved brass instrument similar in size and shape to the trumpettrumpet,
brass wind musical instrument of part cylindrical, part conical bore, in the shape of a flattened loop and having three piston valves to regulate the pitch. Its origin is ancient; records of a type of simple valveless trumpet are found in China from as early as 2000 B.C.
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 but having a conical rather than a cylindrical bore and possessing a larger bell. Because of these differences the tone of the flügelhorn is mellower than that of the trumpet. It is used traditionally in concert bands and has recently been used in jazz ensembles.



a wind instrument with a mouthpiece. The term “flügelhorn” was originally applied to various instruments in the bugle family but later came to refer only to the soprano bugle. The flügelhorn is distinguished from other instruments in the family by its wider bore; it may also be made with a narrower bore, closer in diameter to that of a cornet. The range and notation are the same as those of a soprano cornet; the key is B flat or, less frequently, C. The flügelhorn appeared circa 1825 in Austria.


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Presence of considerable amount of matrix shows a low energy condition below storm wave base (SWB) (Flugel, 2004).
The sutured contacts of grains are caused by mechanical compaction during burial (Flugel, 2013).
(14) Aber nur anscheinend: denn in der dritten Strophe wird des Dichters Seele metaphorisch zum Vogel, der seine Flugel ausspannt und durch den eben so synasthetisch angedeuteten Raum fliegt.
Was die Anordnung der Reliefs betrifft, sind die einzelnen Bildfelder beider Flugel im Wechsel von Quer-und Hochformat gestaltet.
Later developmental studies provided evidence for an endodermal origin of the trophosome in frenulates (Callsen-Cencic and Flugel, 1995).
Durchweg qualitativ hochwertige Schwarzweissphotographien--Gesamtaufnahmen jeweils beider Seiten--zeigen alle Instrumente im idealen, leicht uberstreckten Hochformat des Bandes in etwa derselben Grosse und gestatten so nebenbei im durchblatternden Vergleich interessante Beobachtungen zum Profil (etwa der Ausbuchtung des Flugels), zu den Proportionen der Bauteile (etwa die extrem lange Sturze von Nr.
Ex-bar tender Christoph Flugel, 38, added: "In the bedrooms, he was out of order.
JOY: Travis and Lucy wed; 1) Travis Griffiths (3rd cornet) married to Lucy Griffiths (tenor horn); 2) Michelle Ibbotson (soprano cornet) married to Mark Bowater (solo cornet); 3) Chris Turner (solo cornet) married to Lynne Turner (tenor horn); 4) Chris Thomas (solo trombone) married to Sue Thomas (solo baritone); 5) David Childs (solo euphonium) married to Joanne Childs (flugel horn)
Edited by PETER FLUGEL. Routledge Advances in Jaina Studies.
Gareth's brother, Jason, 15, will play his flugel cornet during the evening's entertainment.
"One difference from my other albums is that I play a lot of the instruments on the album itself - I play piano, guitar, bass and even flugel horn!"