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flügelhorn (flüˈgəlhôrnˌ), three-valved brass instrument similar in size and shape to the trumpet but having a conical rather than a cylindrical bore and possessing a larger bell. Because of these differences the tone of the flügelhorn is mellower than that of the trumpet. It is used traditionally in concert bands and has recently been used in jazz ensembles.
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a wind instrument with a mouthpiece. The term “flügelhorn” was originally applied to various instruments in the bugle family but later came to refer only to the soprano bugle. The flügelhorn is distinguished from other instruments in the family by its wider bore; it may also be made with a narrower bore, closer in diameter to that of a cornet. The range and notation are the same as those of a soprano cornet; the key is B flat or, less frequently, C. The flügelhorn appeared circa 1825 in Austria.


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With a background which takes in Charles Mingus and the Orchestra National de Jazz in France, Beckett sets ever higher standards on both trumpet and flugel horn. The quintet includes saxophonist Chris Biscoe, his colleague in France, and the astounding Liam Noble on piano.
His Jazz & Spice All Stars band was formed when he had the idea of getting Pete Harris on guitar and vocals, Danny McCormack on keys, Neil Bullock on drums, Tom Hill on bass and vocals, and Bryan Corbett, trumpet and flugel horn, to play together.
In the band, Hugh plays Fender Rhodes, accordion and viola, Ben McCabe is on drum set, French horn, and guitar, Pat Allison plays bass guitar and clarinet with Chris Dowding on trumpet, flugel horn and swanee whistle.
Along with the implacable Henry Lowther on trumpet and flugel horn, Jim will be at Ty's tomorrow with a top-class quartet which includes the great Dave Green on bass and Stu Butterfield on drums.
The line-up is completed by saxophonist Andy Morel and trumpeter Neil Yates, who also plays flugel horn and whistles.
Its soloists will include Lucy Murphy (flugel horn), Leah Williams (tenor horn), David Thornton (euphonium) and Ryan Watkins (trombone) It's a programme guaranteed to delight the Town Hall audience especially when choir and band sign off with Gordon Langford's arrangement of A Christmas Fantasy.
Paul Eshelby, plus a trio led by pianist Colin Willets, will demonstrate why the trumpet and flugel horn player is in such great demand.
It is the beautiful harmonising between the lead vocalists, Liam McKahey and Davy Ray-Moor (also on keyboards and flugel horn) that is the outstanding feature of the outfit which blends the sounds of Nick Cave, Bowie and Bacharach with justifiable vocal comparisons to Scott Walker.
The Band's excellent flugel horn player Katherine Bentham delighted the audience with an arrangement by Adrian Drover of Marianne.
Listen to the solo flugel horn on the coda and try to believe that the player was 73 at the time.
On current sonic terrain, this music sounds not so much like tired jazz rock as a crackling electro-storm, Carr playing pristine putters on trumpet and flugel horn, answered in kind by Phil Todd's muscular tenor saxophone.
His son, Aaron who is 18, will feature in tomorrow's concert, playing the flugel horn solo in Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez which featured in the film, Brassed Off.