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What does it mean when you dream about drinking?

Because water is a symbol of the unconscious, drinking water may indicate being nourished by the unconscious. Drinking alcohol may mean that one is seeking either pleasure or escape. Alcoholic ecstasy is also sometimes used to symbolize divine ecstasy, so that drinking in a dream may show a “thirst” for spiritual experiences.

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According to the agency, local school children have an average fluid intake of 1308 mL/day which falls short to the recommended fluid intake based on the Philippine Dietary Reference Intakes (PDRI).
WHAT COUNTS TOWARDS FLUID INTAKE? NON-ALCOHOLIC fluids, including tea, coffee and fruit juice, all count.
There is some evidence that self-efficacy, social support, and demographic factors are associated with fluid intake. Self-efficacy is a belief in one's ability to successfully manage HD-related tasks.
It is naturally high in potassium and vitamin C, which aids muscle function, low in sodium - unlike some sports drinks - and has natural sugars that speed up the body's fluid intake.
The primary aim of this study was to evaluate the associations of fluid balance and strictly monitored fluid intake and output (total and specific types) at 24 and 48 hours of hospital admission with outcomes in AP.
By eating water-rich foods like vegetables, fruits and yogurt, you'll automatically increase your fluid intake.
Despite numerous studies reporting food and fluid intake for male athletes during MDER events, to the authors' knowledge, no studies have presented dietary data for female athletes undertaking these types of events.
As a result, she spent over 24 hours in the hospital where doctors restricted her fluid intake to just 1 liter for her whole stay.
The literature does provide calculations for minimum levels of fluid intake over a 24-hour period that could be used to inform the provision of adequate hydration for elderly residents.
SOME 16% of Brits wrongly think alcohol counts towards their daily fluid intake.
6 INCREASE your total fluid intake by three to four glasses a day, while avoiding or at least limiting drinks containing caffeine and alcohol.