fluorescent tube

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fluorescent lamp

fluorescent lamp
A low-pressure electric-discharge lamp; ultraviolet-light radiation is generated by the passage of an arc through mercury vapor; the inner surface of the lamp tube is coated with a phosphor which absorbs the ultraviolet and converts some of it into visible light.
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Moreover, the tonic cerebration that allied Flavin to Minimalism was further underlined by a growing awareness of his connection to Marcel Duchamp, for what was a store-bought fluorescent tube if not a readymade that could be declared, by intellectual fiat, a work of art?
It will be first on the market that reaches that level of efficiency and functions across a normal range of temperatures and is capable of consistently producing the same amount of warm white colored light as comparable fluorescent tubes. Essentially, "if you walk into the room, you don't say, 'what a funny lamp'," Van Schooten said.
In addition to providing an energy efficient alternative, unlike the fluorescent tubes they replace, the ilumisys MK1 tubes are mercury-free.
John travelled on an Arriva NE bus from Joy's house to Redcar town centre carrying the fluorescent tube in order to get a replacement.
The signs are internally illuminated by means of halogen or fluorescent tube light techniques.
Recycling outlets for fluorescent tubes are scarce and scattered.
At present the cost of one 40 watt fluorescent tube including fitting and ballast is about Rs.
Compared to fluorescent tube lighting, these new LED panel lights from GlacialLight produce a smooth, bright light across the entire LED panel, creating more pleasant and even area illumination with less flicker and glare.
Such semiconductor devices would be far more efficient than incandescent bulbs or even fluorescent tubes.
To satisfy anticipated demand, Greenstock has built significant stocks of Aura fluorescent tubes at its head office warehouse in Lincoln which also means that it can service next day delivery where required.
It includes a double fluorescent tube which can be set to provide light from either one tube, or both of the tubes if light is preferred over a larger area.
Under the initial framework agreement for taxiway signs, Safe developed a driver unit which enables taxiway fluorescent tube signs to run on 6.6 amp circuits and are dimmable down to just 2.8 amps.

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