Classical order

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An arch of two orders, 3, each having its carved hood molding
Doric order, 2
1. In Classical architecture, an arrangement of a particular style of column together with the entablature (which it supports) and standardized details, including its base and capital. The Greeks developed the Corinthian order, Doric order, and Ionic order; the Romans added the Composite order and Tuscan order. For each order, the height and spacing of the columns is established in terms of a specified number of diameters of the lower part of the columns; the design of the base and capital is also prescribed. The height of the entablatures is determined by the height of the columns.
2. In masonry, one ring of several around an arch.
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References in classic literature ?
It was a large, double cottage, with a broad front veranda, whose round, fluted columns supported the sloping roof.
They make bunches of flowers, from flakes and wires of silver, that counterfeit the delicate creations the frost weaves upon a windowpane; and we were shown a miniature silver temple whose fluted columns, whose Corinthian capitals and rich entablatures, whose spire, statues, bells, and ornate lavishness of sculpture were wrought in polished silver, and with such matchless art that every detail was a fascinating study and the finished edifice a wonder of beauty.
The fluted column or pillar supports the neck of the harp where a row of grommets and tuning pins hold strings that can be tightened by pitch-controlling pedals.
A 9th-century fluted column removed from Syracuse cathedral during early-20th-century restoration work reminds us of the continuity of cultural strata, for the present baroque cathedral still incorporates in its walls the even earlier Doric columns of the 6th-century BC temple of Athena.
And a wall-mounted plasma television also manages to look classical, set in its own specially-made frame, complete with fluted column relief and dentil architraving.
In Belle Vue Park, Lowestoft, there is a tall fluted column holding the names of all those from the Royal Naval Patrol Service who gave their lives for the safety of others.
A fluted column that might take a cabinetmaker 15 to 20 minutes to shape now takes 20 seconds, he says.
"Ionic column: a fluted column with a molded base and a capital composed of four volutes, usually parallel to the architrave with a pulvinus connecting a pair on each side of the column, and an entablature typically consisting of an architrave of three fascias, a richly ornamented frieze, and a cornice corbeled out on egg-and-dart and dentil moldings, with the frieze sometimes omitted."
Included in the lineup are the company's Rustic Fluted Column and Rustic Taper Candles.
Superior Aluminum has added square fluted column design to its product line.
Basins with fluted column pedestals and shaped backs inspired by Victorian originals, and classic, clean-edged, stepped designs of the Deco period can be found in the high street and in superstores.
Departing more radically from its referent, one image from "Bridal Suite" transformed the wedding gown, an elegant pleated affair, into a fluted column. Though this dress is the subject of a group of close-ups that form part of the larger series, nowhere does it feel like a stand-in for the bride who is busy placing the garment, either encased by or bereft of its protective plastic cover, in various poses.