Flying Trapeze

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Trapeze, Flying


in the circus, an act of aerial gymnastics. It consists of leaps by a gymnast from one trapeze to another or from a trapeze to the hands of a partner (catcher). The act was created in 1859 by the French performer J. Léotard, who installed trapezes at a low height. Later the apparatus was placed under the dome of the circus. Acrobats now perform cross-leaps and as many as three somersaults in the air.

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DARING Amy Shipway has given up homework-marking for flying trapeze - ditching a university teacher training place to run away with the circus.
The 30-day event, which will present a cornucopia of world-class circus acts -- from flying trapeze artistes to trained tigers -- will be organised by the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Ras Al Khaimah in coordination with Prestige Events.
The first flying trapeze act was presented in France in 1859.
However, the flying trapeze was not performed until 1859 when Frenchman Jules Leotard first flew from one suspended bar to another.
Abu Dhabi High flying trapeze artists, juggling acts, spinning ferris wheels and clowning are all going to be part of the fun of the Big Apple Circus, coming to Abu Dhabi this summer.
The Lucky Irani Circus is one of the few remaining circuses, with tickets as low as Rs 80 for a three-hour show, featuring clowns, strong men, psychic dogs, lion tamers, acrobats and high flying trapeze artists.
Five hundred entries were submitted to the competition, with Pulcinella Awards bestowed on ZDF's series Fun With Claude, Nickelodeon's The Penguins of Madagascar, and Fuji TV's Flying Trapeze, among others.
Yannis Michalandos of Flying Trapeze at the InterContinental told Qatar Tribune, "We have created a mix of entertainment in the form of Leisure Sports; we offer a daily Circus School, including a full size flying trapeze, with 'Kids Only Sessions' and special 'Open Sessions' for all ages.
Tyler Polen sang impressively at the performance I heard, and made his way without flaw through a complicated staging that places him constantly in the spotlight, sometimes on a flying trapeze.
Considering the physical strength necessary for a lot of flying trapeze work, it's no wonder most aerial partnerships are usually male-female.
French aerialis, Jules Leotard iscredited with inventing both leotard tights and the flying trapeze.