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Fo-ti is the dried or cured root of a twining vine in the knotweed family with broad arrowhead-shaped leaves. It’s a major adaptogenic anti-aging herb used for kidneys, adrenals and hormones to boost sexual energy, mental clarity, hair growth, eczema, dry skin, alopecia, degradation of glands, blood vessel health, reduces free radical damage from UV light, relaxes the bowels, detoxifies and strengthens the blood, reduces blood cholesterol and fat deposits in arteries, anti-tumor, heart conditions, chronic bronchitis. Helps adapt to cold temperatures. Too much may cause diarrhea, intestinal pain and nausea.
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Ginshen Wubao, which contains extracts from American Ginseng and Fo-Ti roots, reportedly does not have obvious adverse effects.
For antibacterial products, the company recommends echinacea, fo-ti, garlic, goldenseal, green tea, olive and oregano.
PhytoChi contains whole extracts of 16 tonic herbs, including cured fo-ti, lycium, astragalus, Cherokee rosehips, aloe vera, schizandra, eleuthro, reishi, Job's tears, American ginseng, Tienchi ginseng, turmeric, tangerine, cassia and passion flower.
PHILADELPHIA -- The ancient Chinese herb fo-ti has estradiol-like activity in laboratory tests, Dr.
This discovery adds fo-ti to the list of potential natural alternatives to estrogen replacement therapy for the treatment of menopause symptoms such as hot flashes, said Dr.