Focal-Plane Shutter

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focal-plane shutter

[′fō·kəl ‚plān ′shəd·ər]
A camera shutter consisting of a blind containing a slot; the blind is pulled rapidly across the film, exposing it through the slot.

Focal-Plane Shutter


a camera shutter positioned near the focal plane of the lens, consisting of two opaque blinds that form a slit of variable width or a single blind with a slit cut in it.

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Electronically controlled vertical-run focal plane shutter
The camera utilizes the classic focal plane shutter that inspired the term 'shutterbug.
These kinds of shots were difficult with conventional stereo cameras, but are routine with the Horseman 3D because of a unique 24x65mm size electronically controlled focal plane shutter that allows perfect synchronization of right and left images up to 1/1000sec.
Also, unlike the focal plane shutter common to interchangeable lens cameras, RX1R II utilizes an in-lens shutter, allowing 1/2000 sec flash synch speed and a significant reduction in overall body size.