(fŏk-shän`, –shä`nē), town (1990 pop. 98,645), E central Romania, at the foot of the Transylvanian Alps. The administrative center of a district famed for its vineyards, Focşani is an industrial town producing furniture and clothing. It was founded in the 15th cent. The German-Romanian armistice in World War I was signed (1917) there.



a city in eastern Rumania. Capital of Vrancea District. Population, 45,600 (1974). Focsani has machine-building, wood-products, and food-processing enterprises. It is the center of a grape-growing and wine-making region.

On July 21 (Aug. 1), 1789, during the Russo-Turkish War of 1787–91, 17,000 Russian and Austrian troops under the command of General A. V. Suvorov defeated 30,000 Turkish troops under Osman Pasa near Foc§ani. Suvorov’s division, deployed in the vicinity of Birlad, was protecting the right flank of the Russian Army, which was concentrated east of the Dnestr River. The division was also keeping lines of communication open to the Austrian corps of Prince Josias of Saxe-Coburg, which was located near Adjud, on the Siret River. The prince, having discovered that the enemy was preparing to attack his troops, summoned Suvorov, who marched from Bîrlad on July 16 with a detachment of 5,000 men and linked up with the Austrians on the following day. The Russian and Austrian troops launched an offensive on July 19, threw back the Turkish advance guard on July 20, and approached the fortified Turkish camp at Foc§ani on July 21. Having repulsed attacks by the Turkish cavalry, the Russians and Austrians, striking swiftly, broke into the camp, forcing the enemy to flee. The number of Turkish dead alone reached 1,500; Russian losses totaled only 400.

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Contract award notice: "modernization of the 110 and 400 (220) kv installations at the focsani west station"
In order to analyze the economic, social and cultural causes, a pilot survey has been conducted in Focsani, on a group of 90 persons, between the months of October and December 2016.
1-quake occurred in the Vrancea region at a depth of 150 km and its epicenter was near the cities of Covasna, Focsani and Ramnicu Sarat.
Promenada Mall Focsani was opened in September 2008 and has a total built area of some 51,500 sqm.
Open Mind VN LLC, from Focsani, 155 miles from Iasi, won the contract to use cons with sentences over five years as staff because of the country's economic crisis.
The affected areas are the Focsani Putna Seaca and Bucharest ProgresuGiurgiu railway sections, and the roads in the same Transport Corridor IX.
Over four years he sued various employers just to see her in the court in Focsani, 125 miles north-east of Bucharest.
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Mr Landaburu also met the Romanian President, Prime Minister, and other key ministers in Bucharest, and visited EU-funded projects in Focsani and Buzau.
Tenders are invited for Phase design services: technical project, execution details, project verification (PT + DE + CS), technical documentation necessary to obtain approvals / agreements / authorizations (DTAC, DAA, POE) and execution of works for "Rehabilitation and modernization DJ 205 S Focsani - Cmpeneanca - Vrstecoiu - Rmniceanca - intersection DJ 205 B, km 0 + 000 - km 13 + 200, L = 13,20 km, Vrancea county"
Tenders are invited for Conclusion Of The Framework Agreement Regarding The Provision Of Security Services For The MNdresti, Odobesti, Panciu, Marasesti, Adjud, Transfer Stations From Focsani - CMpineanca, Vidra, Adjud, Focsani - CMpineanca, Adjud, Haret And Cmid - Haret.
Implementing agency : Directia De Dezvoltare Servicii Publice Focsani