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in ancient Rome:

(1) Communities allied to Rome and usually referred to as socii (“allies”).

(2) Barbarian tribes that entered Roman military service and served on the borders of the Roman Empire. In return for their service, they received border lands for settlement and money payments. Their importance was greatest during the fourth and fifth centuries A.D.

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They and other foederati performed nonmilitary duties in times of peace, just as Roman legionaries did in peacetime.
The picture of the Ghassanids that emerges in the end is that of a refined society of sedentary and urbanized Arabs, who are zealous Christians of the Monophysite conviction, living in Oriens under the rule of their king, and who are Arab foederati of the Byzantine empire and its supporters against the Sasanid Persians and their Lakhmid Arab supporters in al-Hira, and against the encroachments of the pastoralist Arab nomads of the Arabian peninsula.
Aunque Teodosio logro alinear a los visigodos como foederati, a su muerte estos reanudaron sus incursiones bajo el mando de Alarico: devastaron Grecia, se dirigieron a Italia y sitiaron y asaltaron Roma en el 410.
El Imperio bizantino, continuador de un centralizado estado universal mediterraneo, mantuvo una suerte de colchon de seguridad con los pueblos foederati, eran el valladar defensor del mundo civilizado frente a los barbaros exteriores, aunque fueran superpotencia, como los persas al Este, o los primitivos barbaros del Norte o del Sur.
The sophisticated constitutional scheme defined by Theoderic and his Roman administrators--itself an elaboration of the conception underlying the old arrangements for the settlement of barbarian foederati on Roman territory--was of its nature a fragile framework for the coexistence of the two peoples.
The reception of Germanic barbarians, first as laeti and then in 382 as foederati, is shown to have produced the ironic result that the Roman policy of promoting hierarchical, stable, Germanic client states was realized within the empire, rather than outside it.
De tal manera, podriamos sintetizar el enrolamiento de barbaros en el Imperio romano tardio en varias categorias basicas: la de foederati, la de limitanei-ripenses, la de laeti y, finalmente, la de los bucellarii, que nos compete en este trabajo.
The withdrawal, which probably was not absolute, does not appear to have created a 'new' situation, and since Diocletian and his successors paid subsidy to the Blemmyes and to the tribes then living in the Dodecaschoenos, who were later used as foederati or symmachoi (cf.
As for the case of 634, it is more likely that "a group of former foederati had demanded taxes/tribute from Jerusalem, and that the negotiations had not been satisfactorily concluded by Christmas.
To assemble the forces desperately needed against him, to crush a revolt in Africa and repel an Ostrogothic invasion of the Italian heartland, the Western generalissimo Stilicho was forced to buy barbarian troops on almost any terms: ad-hoc treaties ceding yet more territory to new Foederati.
La brutal reaccion en Paria, antecedente de la caida de Estilicon, donde tropas romanas se sublevaron y dieron muerte a miles de foederati, mujeres y ninos, puede explicarse como una conjura focalizada contra Estilicon, pero el hecho de que Pavia era el centro de tropas romanas no barbaras hace pensar que en la conjura se movieron sentimientos antibarbaros, demostrando con ello la existencia a flor de piel de un ambiente hostil al barbaro (84) o, para ser mas precisos, la facilidad de instrumentalizar politicamente situaciones en las que estan implicados elementos barbaros.