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Fog Generator


in agriculture, a machine for forming toxic fogs (aerosols) thermomechanically and atomizing them in combating insects and mites which are pests of farm crops and orchard and forest plantings, as well as in treating agricultural buildings. Fog generators have a combustion chamber, tanks for the active solution (toxin) and for gasoline, pumps for delivering the fuel and the solution, a system for igniting the fuel-air mix, a sprayer, and an air blower. The hot gases formed in the combustion chamber, in passing through the sprayer, vaporize the active solution. In escaping from the sprayer nozzle, the mix is combined with the outside air, cooled, and turned into a fog.

The USSR produces the following fog generators for agriculture: the AG-UD-2 with a working width of 50–100 m, the Raketa OAN with a working width of 60–90 m, and the Mikron APP-0.5 with a working width of up to 10 m. Their productivity varies from 1.7 hectares per hour (the Mikron APP-0.5) to 60 hectares per hour (the Raketa OAN), depending upon operating conditions. The working parts of the fog generator are driven by its own engine (the AG-UD-2) or by the power takeoff of a tractor (the Raketa OAN). After the first sparking, the Mikron APP-0.5 generator operates automatically. During use, the AG-UD-2 generator is moved on the bed of a truck or a tractor-drawn trailer, while the Raketa OAN is mounted on a medium tractor. The Mikron APP-0.5 generator can be equipped with wheels or used as a back pack.


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