Foinitskii, Ivan

Foinitskii, Ivan Iakovlevich


Born Aug. 29 (Sept. 10), 1847, in Gomel’ District, Mogilev Province; died 1913 in St. Petersburg. Russian jurist and criminalist.

Foinitskii graduated from St. Petersburg University in 1868 and later taught there from 1871 to 1913. In 1876 he became assistant chief procurator of the criminal appellate department of the Senate. In 1900 he became a senator. He organized a Russian chapter of the International Union of Penal Law (charter ratified in 1895) and served as the chapter’s president until 1905. Foinitskii was a representative of the sociological school of criminal law. Politically, he was a monarchist.


Kurs ugolovnogo sudoproizvodstva, vols. 1–2. St. Petersburg, 1895–98.
Kurs ugolovnogo prava: Chast’ osobennaiaPosiagatel’stva na lichnost’ i imushchestvo, 7th ed. Petrograd, 1916.