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A deep, narrow sheath or a small cavity.
A type of dehiscent fruit composed of one carpel opening along a single suture.



a dry, one-celled, many-seeded, and monocarpel-lary fruit that opens along a ventral suture. The seeds are located along the suture on the edges of the carpel. Follicles are typical of the magnolias; of such members of Ranunculaceae as cowslip, garden columbine, aconite and larkspur; and of some genera of Rosaceae, such as Physocarpus.

The simplest follicles resemble a leaf folded in half lengthwise; the upper part corresponds to a stigma and the stem to a stalk. A large number of follicles may be positioned in a spiral on the axis of a blossom (as in the magnolia) to form a multiple fruit. Other types of fruits developed from follicles: nuts are follicles with a single seed, and beans are follicles with a different form of opening.



a round, oval, or pear-shaped anatomical structure present in various organs in man and other vertebrates, having varied functions. In mammals egg cells develop within the ovarian follicle, which consists of a group of cells; one of these is the egg cell and the rest are epithelial cells surrounding the egg, first in one layer and then in several. As the follicle matures, spaces between the cells become filled with a clear liquid, and the single-layered primordial follicle is transformed into a mature multi-layered follicle, the Graafian follicle.

The follicle of the thyroid gland secretes thyroglobulin, a precursor of the thyroid hormones. Into the hair follicles, which enclose the hair roots and bulbs, empty excretory ducts of the sebaceous glands. Many lymphatic follicles are located in the mucous membranes of the digestive tract, the respiratory tract, and the urinary tract; for instance, follicles known as peyer’s patches are situated in the mucous membrane layer of the intestine.

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12 Only follicles having clearly visible nucleus within oocyte were counted to rule out the chance of recounting an oocyte.
Thus, the present study explored the expression of miR-378 in dominant and subordinate follicles, and identified whether miR-378 can induce the apoptosis of bGCs.
The effect of testosterone propionate during fetal and neonatal life on ovaries and also in prepubertal and adult female rats have been studied and reported that it resulted in a significant increase in body weight; the total number of follicle was unchanged, but there was significant increase in activating transitory follicles and a decrease in small antral follicles.
Until now, formation of new B-cell follicles in the lymph nodes was thought to only happen just after birth.
Fortunately, scientists have identified a network of complementary compounds, including a novel plant extract, myristoyl pentapeptide-17, glycoproteins, and panthenol, which protect and strengthen hair follicles to naturally deliver healthier, longer, and thicker eyelashes.
Over the course of nine months, while hair follicles from normal mice grew four new hairs, those from the FOXC1 knockout mice had already made new hairs seven times.
Cycles of empty follicles were observed more in patients with baseline FSH levels below 12 mIU/ mL (74.
The characteristic features are accepted as being an increase in the size (Volume) of the ovary due to a greater number of follicles and volume of stroma as compared with normal ovaries.
It was predicted that bet-hedging would increase as time-since-fire increased, and consequently more follicles would be open on older plants.

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