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Inflammation of a follicle or group of follicles.
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an inflammation of a hair follicle caused primarily by staphylococci. Symptoms of folliculitis are redness and swelling, followed by the formation of a nodule having on its surface a pustule pierced by the hair. When only the orifice of the follicle is affected, ostial folliculitis results, which is usually resolved within a few days. A deep folliculitis, or a furuncle, develops when the tissues surrounding a follicle also become inflamed.

Treatment consists of wiping the skin around the pustules with a 2 percent solution of salicylic acid or camphor and covering them with a 2 percent solution of brilliant green or methylene blue.

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It was reported that TC may mimic variable forms of folliculitis such as bacterial folliculitis (25), tufted hair folliculitis (26), and folliculitis decalvans (27).
Symptoms of folliculitis vary from person to person and there are varying degrees of severity.
Specific dermatoses of pregnancy observed during the study were prurigo of pregnancy, dermatoses with intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy, polymorphic eruption of pregnancy and pruritic folliculitis of pregnancy.
Among fungal infections, candidal infection was most commonly reported (10.3%) followed by dermatophytic infection (9%) and pityriasis versicolor (4.7%), while among bacterial infections, folliculitis (3.7%) and furuncle (2.7%) were mainly reported.
Impetigo formed the largest group followed by folliculitis and carbuncle.
Perforating folliculitis is characterized by adult-onset scaly follicular papules with a white central keratotic plug (may contain curled hair) on the extensor surfaces of the extremities and buttocks.
A significant relationship was found between folliculitis and furunculosis with the underlying disorder (P=0.039 in both).
If a female patient complains of recurrent folliculitis of the lower legs, ask if she's had a pedicure lately and if she shaves her legs before going to the nail salon.
An epidemic outbreak of Malassezia folliculitis in three adult patients in an intensive care unit: a previously unrecognized nosocomial infection.
Up to 25 percent of dermatology patients have folliculitis, in which the hair follicles on your thighs (and other parts of your bod) get infected and zit-like.
Nasal folliculitis. This is a deep infection of the bridge of the nose that can extend around the nostrils.