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Inflammation of a follicle or group of follicles.



an inflammation of a hair follicle caused primarily by staphylococci. Symptoms of folliculitis are redness and swelling, followed by the formation of a nodule having on its surface a pustule pierced by the hair. When only the orifice of the follicle is affected, ostial folliculitis results, which is usually resolved within a few days. A deep folliculitis, or a furuncle, develops when the tissues surrounding a follicle also become inflamed.

Treatment consists of wiping the skin around the pustules with a 2 percent solution of salicylic acid or camphor and covering them with a 2 percent solution of brilliant green or methylene blue.

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In 7 out of 8 cases of eosinophilic folliculitis, CD4 count was less than 250.
Perforating folliculitis is often associated with chronic renal failure, diabetes mellitus, and other systemic diseases.
Androgen levels in pruritic folliculitis of pregnancy.
The cost of diagnosing and treating folliculitis is typically less than $100, and usually no more than $200.
aeruginosa secondarily infect intertriginous areas, it can additionally cause folliculitis as occurred in our third patient.
Folliculitis keloidalis nuchae (FKN), also incorrectly called acne keloidalis, is shaving-bump-like keloids on the back of the head (Fig.
The disease has to be differentially diagnosed from demodicosis, bacterial folliculitis and allergic dermatitis.
The cat was treated with fluconazole, and prednisolone was slowly decreased to minimal doses to control the mural folliculitis.
Keywords: Tufted hair folliculitis, isotretinoin, rifampin, therapy
Nick, by email ATHIS sounds like folliculitis barbae, inflammation of the skin around your chin.
A What you describe seems to be hot tub folliculitis, an infection of the hair follicles by bacteria that thrive in warm, wet environments, such as hot tubs or heated swimming pools that aren't strictly maintained.