Foner, Philip

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Foner, Philip


Born Dec. 14, 1910, in New York City. American Marxist historian.

Foner became a professor at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania in 1967. His major works deal with the history of the American proletariat. His History of the Labor Movement in the United States (vols. 1–4, 1947–66; Russian translation, 1949–69) covers events from the colonial period to World War I. In this work, Foner depicts the struggle of American workers for social progress, paying primary attention to the efforts of socialist labor organizations. In other works, Foner investigates the effect of the October Revolution on the labor movement in the USA, the problems of the struggle against slavery, and the national liberation struggle of the Cuban people. Foner has compiled and edited the writings of T. Paine, T. Jefferson, G. Washington, F. Douglass, A. Lincoln, and F. D. Roosevelt.


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