Foot, Michael

Foot, Michael,

1913–2010, British politician. He joined the Labour partyLabour party,
British political party, one of the two dominant parties in Great Britain since World War I. Origins

The Labour party was founded in 1900 after several generations of preparatory trade union politics made possible by the Reform Bills of 1867 and 1884,
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 in the 1930s, entered Parliament in 1945, and served there until 1992. An superb debater and orator, he became an eloquent spokesperson for Labour's radical left wing. Editor of the party organ, the Tribune, Foot served as secretary of state for employment (1974–75) and as leader of the House of Commons (1976–79). He was also a founder of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. He succeeded James CallaghanCallaghan of Cardiff, Leonard James Callaghan, Baron,
1912–2005, British statesman. He was first elected to Parliament as a Labour member in 1945. As chancellor of the exchequer (1964–67), he introduced extremely controversial taxation policies, including employment
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 as Labour party leader (1980–83). Foot was unsuccessful in his attempt to maintain the party's traditional policies in the face of opposition from more conservative members, who broke away and formed (1981) the centrist Social Democratic partySocial Democratic party
(SDP), former British political party founded in 1981 to offer a centrist alternative to the more extreme positions of the then ruling Conservative party on the right and the opposition Labour party on the left.
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, and in 1983 he led the Labour party to one of its worst electoral defeats. He wrote a number of books, notably biographies of Aneurin Bevan, Harold Wilson, H. G. Wells, and Lord Byron.
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