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Text that appears at the bottom of a page that adds explanation. It is often used to give credit to the source of information. When accumulated and printed at the end of a document, they are called "endnotes."
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a supplementary printed text; an explanation, source reference, or editor’s comment located at the bottom of a page or column and separated from the main text by a straight line. Footnotes are printed in a smaller type size and are preceded by a sign (a number or asterisk) corresponding to the sign following the statement in the main text that is being elucidated. Footnotes are numbered continuously or by chapter or section.

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FOOT NOTE: Walter Smith is hoping former protAgA Wayne Rooney will be fit for England's World Cup bid' WORLD CLASS: Smith and Barrowfield Primary pupils promote a World Cup competition for kids
On a foot note, Vegas is a place where comfortable shoes are a must.
Her award-winning novels-1997's 'Bibliolepsy,' 2009's 'The Revolution According to Raymundo Mata' and 2010's 'Gun Dealer's Daughter'-are burnished with experimentation and excellence, with the plot literally finding roots in the foot notes.
Back matter has an extensive bibliography, chapter notes, foot notes, glossary, and an index.
The use of different fonts and foot notes enhances the text.
Added topics include thread tactics, needle nuances, tension headaches, stabilizer smarts, foot notes, stitching straight, program mode, and bobbin work, plus highlighted sidebars with special added tips.
This excellent edition (the publishers have allowed the editor foot notes, a rare indulgence) shows us what one gifted writer-critic thought of another.
The tracks are "Beethoven's Five Finger Play", "It Takes Some Friends", "Truck Stop", "Have You Seen the Trampoline?", "Johnny Cuckoo", "Bagpipes", "The Onomatopoeia Pizzeria", "I Was Born a Horn", "Bananas", "Habanera La La La", "Bounces Abundant", "I Changed My Mind", "Two for Tea", "Foot Notes", and "Living Inside of a Jar".
This book has prolific foot notes and a cited reference section, as well as an afterword, which brings the reader to the present day world of the Seneca Indians of Western New York.
FOOT NOTES: At the Cenotaph, top; on the Aldermaston march; with wife Jill in 1950; and with a young Blair