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a narrow bridge for the use of pedestrians


A narrow bridge structure that is designed to carry pedestrians only.
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a bridge built where a pedestrian route meets natural obstacles, such as rivers or gullies, or transportation routes, such as city streets, railroads, or highways with heavy traffic. Footbridges over railroad tracks are usually constructed at railroad stations. Parks with rivers, ponds, or pools often have footbridges. A footbridge may have one or several spans with intervening supports, depending on the width of the obstacle to be bridged and the architectural design. Access to footbridges is usually provided by stairways with landings and, less often, by ramps (straight or curved) or escalators. Modern footbridges are mostly girder or frame bridges constructed of concrete, reinforced concrete, or metal. In some cases, arch and suspension (guy) bridges are used.

footbridge, pedestrian bridge

A narrow bridge designed to carry pedestrians only.
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Some parts of the footbridges were designed to enable the provision of resting areas for the enjoyment of the tenants," he added.
Newcastle City Council has revealed proposals to put a pedestrian crossing next to the Three Mile Inn footbridge in Gosforth, which campaigners say is the "safest crossing on the Great North Road".
A few days ago, I happened to cross a footbridge on Amman Street in Al Nahda 2 area, Dubai.
It was difficult for my classmates and I to get to school early when the footbridge was down.
5m has been invested in providing a footbridge and two lifts at Llandaf Station as part of a scheme called Access For All.
This work also includes identifying the potential for flood risks caused by structures such as these footbridges.
Jimenez said the move is to make a uniform color for all the footbridges constructed whether through the initiative by the local government unit (LGU) or by the national government.
All footbridges were equipped with electric elevators and efficient lights.
Abu Dhabi - The Abu Dhabi General Services Company (Musanada) announced the opening of seven footbridges as part of a strategic project to provide safe passageways for pedestrians in the emirate.
Muhammad Al-Baqmi told Arab News that the department suggested building three footbridges over Sabaeen Street, four over Palestine Street and three over King's Road after traffic lights were removed from the streets.
UAE's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) recently announced the approval of a plan which involves the construction of four air-conditioned footbridges for tram users.
A CCTV camera has been set up on a post at the foot of the footbridge leading from West Lane to Barnaby/Liverton Avenue.