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The mass of rock that lies beneath a fault, an ore body, or a mine working. Also known as heading side; heading wall; lower plate.



the rock beneath a bed (deposit) of minerals; the rock directly underlying the bed is called the floor of the bed.

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There are approximately 20 recorded gold-bearing veins within the Lucknow Goldfield which occur at irregular intervals within the footwall volcanic rocks.
AL19-019 targeted Amalia and tested the potential for vein mineralization in altered limestone in the footwall of the Amalia zone.
Figure 7 shows that in stage I (L [greater than or equal to] 40 m), the displacement of the footwall strata was in the typical basin-type subsidence.
In conjunction, the company plans to continue to build from prior successful drilling results in the Footwall Zone, which has indicated similar inclination attitude, rock type, alteration, width and grade as is seen the Copperstone Zone.
Lower Phoenix Footwall intercepts have included 381 grams (g)/m gold over an estimated true width (ETW) of 2.5 m, including 1,062 g/metric ton (mt) gold over an ETW of 0.9 m in one hole and 345 g/mt gold over an ETW of 6.4 m, including 4,550 g/ mt gold over an ETW of 0.4 m, in another.
Six clusters of hot springs are distributed along the Tet fault, mainly in its footwall (Figures 3 and 4): Llo, Saint-Thomas-les-Bains, Prats-Balaguer, Thues-les-Bains, and Vernet-les-Bains.
Project studies explore technology at the footwall that supports communication with the patient and family while also serving as an entertainment portal.
High grade footwall zones parallel to the Millionaires Shoot has been report in the Westralia Other Zones in Table 1.
An inverted thermal field gradient of - 20 degrees C/km is also documented beneath a klippe of the Main Central thrust hanging wall - 25 km south of the Vaikrita thrust, and a peak footwall temperature of 530 degrees C is recorded close to the shear zone at the base of the klippe.
The 18 footwall is to protect Israel, not to strangle any economy.
It was at this stage that the metamorphic zoning of the schistose envelope took place, ranging from sillimanite facies at the footwall to muscovite-chlorite and chlorite-sericite facies at the hanging wall.
Folding of metamorphic isograd surfaces above a footwall ramp would account for the observed trends.