Silage Harvester

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Silage Harvester


a machine that combines the operations of cutting and chopping agricultural crops that are to be ensiled and loading the crops into transport vehicles. A silage harvester can also be used to prepare haylage, green topdress-ing, and grass meal.

The cutting mechanism of the silage harvester severs the stalks and a reel places them on a feed conveyor, which transports them to the upper and lower rollers of the feed apparatus. The rollers seize the stalks, compress them, and push them onto the shear plate of a chopping mechanism. A knife drum paired with the shear plate cuts off sections of the stalks, which fall onto a conveyor. The conveyor unloads the chopped material into transport vehicles.

Table 1. Specifications for silage harvesters manufactured in the USSR
Swath width (m) .............
Productivity (ha/hr)...........0.-9––1.1
Cutting height (mm)...........80–150150–20060–200
Length of cut section (mm) ......2020–3010–60
Tractor models used ..........MTZ-80

The USSR produces trailer and self-propelled silage harvesters; the latter are used for work on very wet soils. The harvester is controlled by the tractor driver or the harvester operator (for self-propelled models). Silage harvesters used abroad operate in a similar manner.

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The header has been tested with the New Holland FR Series forage harvester to improve the logistics related to the transport of woody biomass.
Ferguson continued to develop cutting edge designs and patented a hay mower with no pitman, side-mounted hay baler, forage harvester and combine, a parallel bar side delivery rake, trip shank tillers, and pressure-control hitches providing Ferguson System weight transfer to trailed implements.
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Beginning with the development of agricultural implements for small farms, a best seller was created in 1880 called the Hexelbank Ensilage Cutter, a predecessor to the modern forage harvester.
In the 2007 harvest, CBEC intends to undertake a full-scale rice-straw harvest operation using five forage harvester units over the full 10 weeks of the harvest.
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