Silage Harvester

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Silage Harvester


a machine that combines the operations of cutting and chopping agricultural crops that are to be ensiled and loading the crops into transport vehicles. A silage harvester can also be used to prepare haylage, green topdress-ing, and grass meal.

The cutting mechanism of the silage harvester severs the stalks and a reel places them on a feed conveyor, which transports them to the upper and lower rollers of the feed apparatus. The rollers seize the stalks, compress them, and push them onto the shear plate of a chopping mechanism. A knife drum paired with the shear plate cuts off sections of the stalks, which fall onto a conveyor. The conveyor unloads the chopped material into transport vehicles.

Table 1. Specifications for silage harvesters manufactured in the USSR
Swath width (m) .............
Productivity (ha/hr)...........0.-9––1.1
Cutting height (mm)...........80–150150–20060–200
Length of cut section (mm) ......2020–3010–60
Tractor models used ..........MTZ-80

The USSR produces trailer and self-propelled silage harvesters; the latter are used for work on very wet soils. The harvester is controlled by the tractor driver or the harvester operator (for self-propelled models). Silage harvesters used abroad operate in a similar manner.

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