Silage Harvester

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Silage Harvester


a machine that combines the operations of cutting and chopping agricultural crops that are to be ensiled and loading the crops into transport vehicles. A silage harvester can also be used to prepare haylage, green topdress-ing, and grass meal.

The cutting mechanism of the silage harvester severs the stalks and a reel places them on a feed conveyor, which transports them to the upper and lower rollers of the feed apparatus. The rollers seize the stalks, compress them, and push them onto the shear plate of a chopping mechanism. A knife drum paired with the shear plate cuts off sections of the stalks, which fall onto a conveyor. The conveyor unloads the chopped material into transport vehicles.

Table 1. Specifications for silage harvesters manufactured in the USSR
Swath width (m) .............
Productivity (ha/hr)...........0.-9––1.1
Cutting height (mm)...........80–150150–20060–200
Length of cut section (mm) ......2020–3010–60
Tractor models used ..........MTZ-80

The USSR produces trailer and self-propelled silage harvesters; the latter are used for work on very wet soils. The harvester is controlled by the tractor driver or the harvester operator (for self-propelled models). Silage harvesters used abroad operate in a similar manner.

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The sale included 10 tractors and loaders, a New Holland combine, a Claas forage harvester, grassland equipment and the contents of two workshops.
Scotch Baronet Sir Charles Ross (1872-1942), a soldier who served in the second Boer War and World War I, inventor of the Ross rifle used by Canadian forces early in World War I, and a rich and eccentric land owner of some 366,000 acres in Scotland with about 3,000 tenant farmers, also appears to have developed the first crude field forage harvester.
The Muir Hills are among 10 tractors, one combine and a self-propelled sprayer and a self-propelled forage harvester to be auctioned at the sale, which starts at the farm at 10.30am next Saturday.
He said, 'Firstly, the contractor has to apply less product, which helps with the throughput of the machine and secondly a 40 litre capacity additive tank fitted on the forage harvester can treat 1,000 tonnes of grass, reducing down time and producing a cost saving.'
One of the examples is the JAGUAR forage harvester, which is optionally equipped with three types of grain crushers, a stone protection system STOP ROCK, an automated loading system AUTO FILL, harvesting crop's moisture sensor and TELEMATICS system," Seider said.
The hoists proved popular with local farmers, and the income from their sale gave him the capital to finance an expansion of his manufacturing facilities (he added on to the garage and included a nearby chicken coop) and begin making a field forage harvester. In three or four years, the factory had again been expanded and Lundell wagon hoists and two models of forage harvesters were selling well.
Compared to previously available methods, the 130 FB Coppice Header used with the New Holland FR 9000 Forage Harvester achieves twice the harvesting capacity and can process trees of double the normal diameter into biofuel-ready wood chips of desired lengths.
After cutting on May 11 and picking up two days later with a self propelled precision chop forage harvester, half the forage was treated with Volac Agros silage additive at a rate of 2 litres/tonne.
The PU 380PRO is a 3.8 m (12.5 ft) heavy-duty forage harvester pickup head.
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