Forbidden City

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Forbidden City:

see BeijingBeijing
or Peking
, city and independent municipality (2010 pop. 19,612,368), capital of the People's Republic of China. It is in central Hebei prov., but constitutes an independent unit (6,564 sq mi/17,000 sq km) administered directly by the national government.
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 and Chinese architectureChinese architecture,
the buildings and other structures created in China from prehistoric times to the present day. Early Architecture

As a result of wars and invasions, there are few existing buildings in China predating the Ming dynasty (1368–1644).
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Forbidden City

1. Lhasa, Tibet: once famed for its inaccessibility and hostility to strangers
2. a walled section of Beijing, China, enclosing the Imperial Palace and associated buildings of the former Chinese Empire
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For example: Except for Donghua Gate or East Glory Gate, all gates in the Forbidden City are decorated with a nine by nine array of gilded door studs.
Throughout the galleries the visitor is helped to penetrate the inner life of the mysterious Forbidden City. A film taken from the bumpy viewpoint of a bride being carried through the Forbidden City's courtyards in her palanquin brings alive the close research done on a wedding album recording the marriage of the Guangxu Emperor Qing Kuan.
The golden lions in the Forbidden City are a sight to behold.
Li's day starts at about 7.30 am as it has done for the last 38 years, when he and his team push open perhaps the best known gate in China--the Meridian Gate of the Forbidden City, according to the Legal Evening News.
Within a year after its first publication, Forbidden City, USA reappeared in a hardcover edition, coupled with the release of the re-mastered film as an educational DVD/Blu-ray.
Focusing primarily on the Ming and Qing dynasties, the book offers a glimpse into the Forbidden City and discusses the responsibilities and expectations that emperors and their families dealt with.
PEKyN (CyHAN)- The Palace Museum in Beijing, also known as the Forbidden City, reported a smooth first day of its busiest season since adopting a daily limit of 80,000 visitors in June.
Treasure Hunters: Secret of the Forbidden City is the unabridged audiobook rendition of an exciting children's adventure novel in the "Treasure Hunters" series.
The Brush: "China's Most Daring Dancing Doll," Coby Yee, was featured in an NPR Weekend Edition story on San Francisco's Forbidden City nightclub.
Other highlights include Shanghai, historic Suzhou, colonial Qingdao, the ancient Silk Road city of Xian, Beijing, Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the Great Wall and the Terracotta Warriors.
A recent concert was all Beethoven at the Forbidden City Concert Hall near Tiananmen Square.