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Force Ouvrière


(Confédération Générale du Travail–Force Ouvrière, or CGT-FO), a trade union in France. It was founded by L. Jouhaux, R. Bothereau, and other reformist trade union leaders who broke with the General Confederation of Labor (Confédération Générate du Travail, or CGT) in December 1947 after a majority in the CGT condemned the Marshall Plan. The leaders of the Force Ouvrière did not succeed in winning the support of any significant portion of the working class. Of the 36 federated trade unions in the CGT, only four joined the CGT-FO.

The founding congress of the Force Ouvrière met in Paris in April 1948 and adopted a charter and program. The charter affirmed that the group should be organized as a federation. The program represented a mixture of reformist and anarcho-syndicalist views. Jouhaux was elected chairman, and Bothereau general secretary. The CGT-FO helped found the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions.

The leadership of the Force Ouvrière has been opposed to contacts with the CGT, but a drive toward united action with other trade unions is evident in the lower organizational ranks. The leadership has also opposed recent tendencies in favor of developing professional cooperation among various European trade unions. The present general secretary is A. Bergeron. The central press organ is the weekly Force Ouvrière. The CGT-FO has approximately 1 million members (1978).

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While the Force Ouvriere developed independently of involvement of the FTUC, their break away from the Confederation generale du travail (CGT) was made possible because of the funds from the FTUC via the CIA.
Si donc le processus de mise a niveau et de consolidation de Tonic industrie serait mene a son terme, l'Algerie recelera immanquablement une grande entreprise qui aura, d'ici la, non seulement renforcer sa force ouvriere mais aussi contribuera a la reduction des factures d'importation.
Either it listens or it doesn't -- but it shouldn't start complaining afterwards," Jean-Claude Mailly of Force Ouvriere union told reporters at the Paris event, warning of further industrial action.
Jean-Claude Mailly, the head of the Force Ouvriere trade union Sunday called for the government to buy Alstom shares to allow it a greater say in the group, as one of France's "strategic sectors.
Avant meme cette annonce, le secretaire general de Force ouvriere, Jean-Claude Mailly, avait averti que le ton de la conference sociale reunie pendant deux jours au palais d'Iena serait "plus dur" que celui de la precedente, organisee dans la foulee du retour des socialistes au pouvoir.
Some unions, like the more radical Force Ouvriere, decided to sit out Tuesday's protests.
Even now it's been voted, the workers are saying 'no' to pension reform," Jean-Claude Mailly, the leader of the Force Ouvriere Union, said.
Police said the protest organized by Force Ouvriere union drew 23,000 people, while organizers put the figure at.
We are still calling for a real industrial project to protect Dunkirk's industrial fabric and we haven't yet heard of any such plan," said Patrice Leclerc, a Force Ouvriere union official at the site.
SeaFrance said yesterday that it would suspend its services for 24 hours until Saturday as the CFDT and Force Ouvriere unions undertook a strike in protest over job losses at the firm.
A very strong sense of injustice is building up," Jean-Claude Mailly, head of Force Ouvriere Union, said.
We say 'No' and again 'No'," said Jean-Francois Knepper, union delegate for Force Ouvriere in France.