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Force Ouvrière


(Confédération Générale du Travail–Force Ouvrière, or CGT-FO), a trade union in France. It was founded by L. Jouhaux, R. Bothereau, and other reformist trade union leaders who broke with the General Confederation of Labor (Confédération Générate du Travail, or CGT) in December 1947 after a majority in the CGT condemned the Marshall Plan. The leaders of the Force Ouvrière did not succeed in winning the support of any significant portion of the working class. Of the 36 federated trade unions in the CGT, only four joined the CGT-FO.

The founding congress of the Force Ouvrière met in Paris in April 1948 and adopted a charter and program. The charter affirmed that the group should be organized as a federation. The program represented a mixture of reformist and anarcho-syndicalist views. Jouhaux was elected chairman, and Bothereau general secretary. The CGT-FO helped found the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions.

The leadership of the Force Ouvrière has been opposed to contacts with the CGT, but a drive toward united action with other trade unions is evident in the lower organizational ranks. The leadership has also opposed recent tendencies in favor of developing professional cooperation among various European trade unions. The present general secretary is A. Bergeron. The central press organ is the weekly Force Ouvrière. The CGT-FO has approximately 1 million members (1978).

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"The unions are supporting all public sector workers," Pascal Pavageau, head of the Force Ouvriere labour union, said at the Paris demonstration, adding that "we're also here to send the message that the sort of politics that favours only 10 percent of the population, those who already have everything, to the detriment of the other 90 percent has to stop - the inequalities must end".
Yvonnick Dreno, a senior Force Ouvriere unionist said that 1,925 jobs would be affected in Germany, 860 in Spain, 465 in Britain and 470 in France.
We won't give an inch," Yoan Karar, a senior Force Ouvriere (FO) union official, told CNews.
Jean-Claude Mailly, secretary general of the hard-left Force Ouvriere (FO) union, had surprised many observers by choosing not to take part in demonstrations against changes to labour law pushed through by Macron last month.
We shall see," Jean-Claude Mailly, secretary-general of the hard-line leftist Force Ouvriere union told France Info radio.On assuming office next Sunday as France's youngest leader since Napoleon, Macron faces the immediate challenge of securing a majority in the June parliamentary election to have a realistic chance of implementing his plans for lower state spending, higher investment and reform of the tax, labour and pension systems.
The Force Ouvriere trade union estimated the crowd at 55,000, while police said 15,000 took part.
The hardline Force Ouvriere union vowed to hold match-day strikes in all Euro 2016 cities.
Citing unidentified sources from labour union, Force Ouvriere, the report said that the bank is looking to accelerate a branch reduction strategy that was launched this year with the closure of 40 branches.
Si donc le processus de mise a niveau et de consolidation de Tonic industrie serait mene a son terme, l'Algerie recelera immanquablement une grande entreprise qui aura, d'ici la, non seulement renforcer sa force ouvriere mais aussi contribuera a la reduction des factures d'importation.
Jean-Claude Mailly, the head of the Force Ouvriere trade union Sunday called for the government to buy Alstom shares to allow it a greater say in the group, as one of France's "strategic sectors." He said the two potential offers should be carefully examined to evaluate the impact on jobs and Alstom's activities.