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The key combination in Windows that enables a user to terminate an unresponsive application. When all three keys are pressed at the same time, the Task Manager utility is launched, which displays all open applications. It also enables the user to shut down the computer.

First used to reboot DOS PCs, the keystrokes were chosen by IBM in 1981 to ensure users would not accidentally press them. The delete key is at the opposite end of the keyboard from the Ctrl and Alt keys. See Command-Option-Escape and Win Task Manager.

End a Task in Windows 8.1
Pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del in Windows 8.1 displays a menu in which Task Manager is one of the options.
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Also, it's impossible to force quit or uninstall this application without knowing the correct password.
However, all those new iPhone X users have to learn how to force quit apps on their smartphone without the simplicity of using the home button.
To force quit an item, click it in Activity Monitor's list, then on the X at the left of the toolbar, then confirm you want to force quit it.
Sometimes, our page would just get stuck in one spot, requiring a force quit of the app.
To force-quit the browser on a Mac, press the Option-Command-Esc keys, click on the browser program in the box and click the Force Quit button.
The new policy was reported to have emerged after a Muslim traffic warden employed by the force quit, claiming that he was unable to wear the symbol of any other faith.
To successfully do the jobs on locking or blocking, Cisdem AppCrypt is designed to be quite tough even there is a program trying to force quit or delete the program in an unauthorized way.
The program is designed to stop an unauthorized force quit or uninstallation, also all the data is backed up in case there is a data deletion.
"The single biggest misconception about iOS is that it's good digital hygiene to force quit apps that you aren't using," Gruber wrote.
“Excess conversion numbers makes speed of conversion slow and force quit easily because of PC's performance.
Last night user (https://twitter.com/stephentotilo) Stephen Tolito said, "SimCity malfunctions, forces me to force quit. The server where my city is now has a 20-minute queue.
You will also have the option to Hide, Quit and Force Quit running applications.

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