Ford, Worthington Chauncey

Ford, Worthington Chauncey,

1858–1941, American historian and editor, b. Brooklyn, N.Y. He was joint editor, with his brother Paul Leicester FordFord, Paul Leicester
, 1865–1902, American historian and novelist, b. Brooklyn, N.Y. His father, Gordon L. Ford, then possessed probably the best library of Americana in the country; Paul edited, with his brother Worthington Chauncey Ford, rare material from this library
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, of Winnowings in American History (15 vol., 1890–91). While chief of the manuscripts division of the Library of Congress (1902–9), Ford edited the first 15 volumes of the new edition of the Journals of the Continental Congress. From 1909 until his retirement in 1929 he was editor of the Massachusetts Historical Society and lectured on historical manuscripts at Harvard. Ford edited The Writings of George Washington (14 vol., 1889–93) and wrote a standard biography of Washington (1899). He also edited volumes of correspondence of writings of the Adams family.