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A long, narrow depression that borders an orogenic belt, such as an island arc, on the convex side.



(1) Another term for a marginal deep.

(2) The late developmental stage of a marginal deep, characterized by the accumulation of an upper molasse, formed by coarse continental sediment.

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Recent studies carried on in the Carpathian Foredeep [13] demonstrated that such migration can be recorded in the seismic sections as so-called "gas chimneys." One chimney was confirmed by surface geochemical survey by Marzec et al.
Estratos proximales al foredeep de edad Oligoceno--Mioceno temprano, pertenecientes a la Formacion Carbonera, fueron acumuladas durante el crecimiento de estructuras a lo largo del flanco oriental de la Cordillera Oriental (Bayona et al, 2008a; Parra et al, 2009a).
A mediados del Mioceno se experimenta una profundizacion del margen de cuenca (foredeep), debido al proceso de levantamiento de la actual cordillera andina venezolana, lo cual produce un aporte sedimentario proveniente de los bordes de Los Andes colombianos, del escudo de Guayana y del Orogeno Reciente como proceso de reciclaje, teniendo la presencia de petrosomas de sub arcosa litica (Formacion La Rosa) y litarenita feldespatica (Formacion Lagunillas); luego, debido al aumento en las pulsaciones tectonicas relacionadas con el levantamiento andino, se incrementan las acumulaciones de petrosomas tipo grauvacas liticas y feldespaticas, caracteristicas de las formaciones Isnotuy Betijoque.
The Safed Koh Block is situated in the tribal areas of District Dera Ghazi Khan of Punjab Province and located west of Sulaiman Foredeep in the Middle Indus Basin of Pakistan.
Eastern Venezuela remained a continental passive margin until the gradual arrival of the peripheral bulge by Late Eocene time and the Caribbean foredeep by Oligocene time [7].
Late Cenozoic tectonics and sedimentation in the northwestern Himalayan foredeep, Eastern limb of the northwest Syntaxis and regional synthesis.
The foredeep depression started to develop in the inner Zagros after deposition of the widespread Upper Oligocene platform carbonate (Lower Asmari Formation) [23] and migrated southwestward down to its present position in the Persian Gulf [1].
The area of interest is found in the northern part of Western Carpathian Foredeep at the contact of geological units of the Bohemian Massif and the Carpathian System [18].
Ancient river systems in the Himalayan foredeep, Chinji village area, northern Pakistan.
They suggested a rough equilibrium between the modelled northward plate motion of the Indian subcontinent and the southward displacement of depositional processes within the foredeep. There is an increase in sedimentation in all the basins at ~ 10 Ma (the onset of Nagri Formation).
The Rharb Basin is a foredeep basin located in the external zone of the Rif Folded belt.
The Sebou permit lies to the north-east of Rabat in the Rharb Basin, which is a foredeep basin located in the external zone of the Rif Folded belt.