Foreign Country

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What does it mean when you dream about a foreign country?

Dreaming about being in a foreign country depends on one’s associations with that specific country. Otherwise, it can represent feeling that one is in a whole new condition, or that one has a completely new attitude about something.

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Sumanthiran told the PSC sitting today that the public had got the impression that Jayasekera had some specific information to link a foreign country to the attacks.
Value added tax applies to most purchases made within a foreign country, such as those for equipment, materials, facilities and services.
According to the newly proposed clause to article 17 of the law (Exemption from payment of state duty for consular actions carried out in Azerbaijan or in diplomatic missions in foreign countries and especially from payment of state duty), if the amount of state duty on multiple entry visas for Azerbaijani citizens in a foreign country differs from the amount of state duty in Azerbaijan under the same procedure for citizens of this country, then upon the decision of the corresponding executive body, the amount of state duty is applied at the same level at which the state duties of this country are applied for the Azerbaijani citizens.
The Palace official also raised the possibility that the information given by the foreign country really originated from local intelligence agents.
Any provision of law to the contrary notwithstanding, natural-born citizens of the Philippines who have lost their Philippine citizenship by reason of their naturalization as citizens of a foreign country are hereby deemed to have reacquired Philippine citizenship upon taking the following oath of allegiance to the Republic: xxx xxx xxx
For the purposes of this article, international acquisition efforts include international deployments, international cooperative efforts, foreign military sales (FMS) and any other major effort where the DoD could spend abundant resources within a foreign country.
The Sindh High Court (SHC) censured the response submitted by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) in the case pertaining to Pakistan People's Party (PPP) leaders for holding foreign country's Iqama (work permit).
Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Court of Appeals on Tuesday sentenced a 39-year-old Arab to life imprisonment and deportation from the country after serving his term for spying for a foreign country.
The Public Prosecution referred them to the court for trial on charges of intelligence with a foreign country to carry out hostile acts against Bahrain, undermine its political and economic status as well as its national interest to overthrow the political system.
The district court held that it lacked jurisdiction over Galvin and Pellegrin's action pursuant to the foreign country exception.
While talking to a private TV Channel on Saturday he stated; My entire business is in the country and record of this also available and I have no business or offshore companies in any foreign country PTI leader reiterated.

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