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The country code for metropolitan France.

Apprently not widely used.
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(1) See FXS, foreign exchange service, Nikon FX format and Cg.

(2) (special eFfECTS) See SFX.
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"These surplus currencies are explained by the continued good performance of tourism receipts, the inflow of large currencies in the form of drawings on external lines of financing made by local banks and leasing companies, a recipe for privatisation of the Zitouna Bank and the Zitouna Takafoul, significant foreign exchange sales by energy companies and a return of the CPG on the foreign exchange market, thanks to the resumption of phosphate exports."
He said it was now incumbent on each foreign exchange dealer and cambio to 'follow through on their commitment to adopt the principles to which the Jamaica foreign exchange market has signed'.
Earlier, the chief of the Integrated foreign exchange market Mahmoud Shekasteband stated, "All the stages of the registration of companies have been completed, the necessary systems have been designed and the market will be tested soon."
Likewise, the BSP chief said the regulator is also pursuing the development by the industry of a comprehensive foreign exchange code of conduct that would serve as a common set of guidelines for participants in the wholesale foreign exchange market.
According to the finance ministry, Kim said Korea will make a final decision, comprehensively taking into account cases of other countries, its foreign exchange market and economic structure and the opinions of specialists.
Therefore, a speculator or an arbitrager in the foreign exchange market cannot use exchange rates other than the one we are concerned with and other publicly available information to predict future values of an exchange rate.
The plan is to offer a distributed ledger that can process financial transactions in the foreign exchange market. This is the first blockchain-related patent from Goldman Sachs.
The foreign exchange market is a place where foreign money bought and sold.
In a foreign exchange market characterized by a lack of liquidity in foreign currency and the absence of large exporting public operators (GCT CPG), the imbalance between supply and demand on the Tunisian foreign exchange market has worsened.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-February 26, 2015-Two further RBS employees suspended following foreign exchange market rigging investigation
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 26, 2015-Two further RBS employees suspended following foreign exchange market rigging investigation

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